Fox - BR1600 .F6 1684 v1

A Protdl:ation to the whole Church of England. lr•fJtl, then wostld I wifb no man fo light eared, to be C4Yried aw~tt~' anJ finifler clamor of Adverfo- ~1~ :O!~a"':;; ~~fo~e,!:o:,~o:fH~'/;,' ~1:;~~!:;h:;M ~=· P~~fi:h;yt:;1;/J~;~fo b;::~ fo if ~;o in ttn} part wanted to wiU, Jtl bath"') purpoft beenjimple, •nd cerJts the caNft no left urgent •lfp;fi~ '::0Je:tJ:ef,~~:~;::k_~j'Cl:&: iif/:e:7a~, thnmlearnedfort, fo miferablj abufid, ttnd aY ~ :1::';::::;, z~:;:, "fo'/::;~:·t.~~~:::'!:.;,kT:.::~·,;,z:~c.::;·~h~:t~~~~,:~d~· ~;:::. ~~s- :;[:,7;;~~ep;;1'~:~et£,c;:,~:ct;do:t ~;oz;~~re;;• ,~;'~e;"oj~~a;~: ~"::e~e1!n~a~~ojf wdtcn. how p• rtiaUJ thtJ handled their ftoriu. Whofl painfid travel .,/beit I cannot hHt commmd, in commit· ting divers things to writing, not unfruitfHl to be l{norrm, nor unpleafont to be read ; Jfl iJ lttmented me to fie in their MonNmtnts the principal Points, ~hich chitflJ roncerned theflttte ofChrifls ChNrth9 ,,d fPere mofl neceJforJ "faU Chriflian people to be k.._11o~n, e;ther aft()gethtr pretermiJted, or if an1 a~::~ ;~e;;j[t;,h:J:!:,~:e:; ke:irw::n a~e~hi;jsR~;;~7':n. 10 11~he!:z;;~~~~;~ fo!t.'hte:~=~'!:I ,.eading in their Writings 110 other ChHrch mentiomd or magnified, h11f onl.f th:tl Church which here flDHrifbed in ~his Worlti in richts tJnd joUitJ, were drawn. alfo to the fome perfw1ion, to thinft no other Church to have flood in aU the B~trth lmt only the Church of Rome. . hai~!~~~r:;::~r1}h~;;ft;'s~ ~at;;;;t;z:r~~:~i~0;~~ 1,h;rnf!~~~r,C~;,~:;;: ~~tfcf~{, ~::;?­ , t~~~·il~:.~~;;;~~n~::::;,u;h~~;~~~;;P~~~~)~:~~s~~~ru,;;;~~!' =~~}~~r:;t~~:!?:f!Ch:;~~~~.a~h;~:h in part theJ exprefs fome tr11Jh in mallerJ the Bijhops am/. See of Rome; )'et 111 {uppreffing a'pother parttheJ P.lay with m, M Anania11 and S~phyrad!d with their tJJOJitJ, or M Apelles did in Pliny, who, painttng the one half of Venus •ommg o:d of the Sea, left theother half unperfell, Sg tht:fo Writers, while they j!Jew 1H one half of the Bijhop "Df 1\ome, thl other half of hi1J1 the] leave HnperfoO, and utterfJ untold. Fvr as they paint him 0111 on the one part g/ifleriTJg in. Wealth a11d GlorJ, in. Jbcwing what firmffion the Popu had from the Chair of Saint Petez:, when the1 ftrfl_ bega11 , :::::a~i:J~ ~;~(fa:V~~t;; ':,;~:,h%h;11~o:!;:t'7he;c~;:~i";h.~~hfl:;;!e1he;0':e~;v~;;;!PJt!:; 1111d Emperor1, what Princes and Coantries they broHght under their AHthority, 'R'ith other lilt! of gred Pomp ~nd Ro)aiiJ; fo on the other Jidt., what Viee1 theft Poptt broHght with them to their, wbat Abominations they pradifld, what S11perfliti~n. theJ maint11ined, what ldo/atrJ the] proc~tred, 'lfJhlll wickd Dollrine the} defended cotllrarJ to theexprefs Word of God, to 'lflhat Htrefiel t~eJ fill, into what divijion of SefJs the] Cut the unit] ofCh'tian Relig~o11, how fome pratJiftJ bJ f;~~;; ta;:c;; ~~o;;;;:~;;ed;:;c;;;;/:;;Lf~ts;I;;h;,gco~:;,:;:de;:',Ce:i~()g;;;:,e~~:; w;; the} r4iftd,TDbat Blot~dfoed the) ca;tfid, what TreacberJ the1 traverftd againfl their Lords and Emperors, intprifoningfome, betraJingfome to the Templariu andSaracens, in bri11ging other under thrir Feet, 1f:u[:o;;;j;~i~7~%a1 r~~a~i~n.w:~= f;:,erii~~~~"~!;~h~~~~~~e~sb,~:,~t;:;"J,2&tf;iG~;~~~~ floodttgttinfi them, hot» their Wars never profPered .agaiufi the Turk, h()w tbe j11dgmmiJ of the g()diJ learned from lime to time have ever rep11gned againft their ErrttrJ, &c. Of theft and" thoH(and dher more not one wortl bath been to11ched, bHt all ~ept M Hnder Benedicite, in aurieular Conftffim. Thh p~t'tial dealing 11nd corrHpl handling of HifhwieJ when I eonjldered, I thought wifh m1 ftlf :::h:i~~r:;,; ~:"J~;a:tv~~:;:,h ;;~nw;{,;~~a;:to;:;;!:;:'J;:;~·c:!~~!· n~~;~r~:;;;~~nc::;,~~:= ~~b~;,t:~=~e~:;t;dd~~:~i;;~~::hn~o;/ee~;;vifo::e;n~::~J~Hj~cf:t'{•e~:t~~a:ab::;':}et::o~~:;e; from turning over foch a 1111111her of Writers, and alfo jho11ld open theplain. tmth of TimeJ J.ying long Pl'i.wMa hid in. obflHre dar~nefs of Antiquity. Whereby aU fbuiioHJ Readeu, beholding M in aGiafi the Jl~tJ, :fiE:~~;;~~ :h~ ::::;:~~:e:! ~;~~~::;,; ::J~V~:?t;.Ori;;r a;J~tee ,f:~;;();~tzsb:~~~ (~U::~he111 ~~~~ 'tg~;~~u~~:nth:;;h:o~~e [;;{;r;~:,be£::~ '%;J:r:.h~n!ew~~;·f:Jz;:d'!ft;;a;di;;;{h~~:;:~o~~~;h;;; caufo Hdloria, in old A11thors, H c~fled the Witnefs of Times, the Light of Verity, the Life- of Memory, Teacher of Life, and Shewer of Antiquity, &c. WithoHI the k.,norvledge where()[ tJJalt, z:/ifo%,~'~;~·r r,;t:{ 7%: {b~~:;:0wh:n~~h1B';foo;ps ~~o';a;':!:ffe;?o~;~~n;i~!i;:;t;()£:/~:~!fd Tr11th ;nlo Hereje, and brought foch new.foHnd Devifes of flrange ~Dol1rine and Religion, m in the former Age of the Ch11rciJ tf'ere never heard of bifore, and all throwgh ignorance of Times, and for lac~{ oftrueHifiorJ. For to Jay the truth, if tinm had.been weDfiarched, or if they which wrote Hiflories had witholll pt~rtialitJ gone upright between God and B:~::.l,. halting on neither fide, it might ,.ell have been foHnd, the mofl part of aU this Catholick._ com1ption intruded into the Ch11rch by the Bij/J()ps of Rome, tH Tranjubftantialion, Blev.1tion ~nd Ado,.ation of_the Sacrament, Auricltlar Con£ffion, forced Vtnvt of IJ£t:::/u{ed7~h{'/fo,;~;t~:;h1,i~;a;;~ {~:: ;,~{ft~~f::o:lc~:f;j ~~~:,d:u1a~r,~o:;:: of