Fox - BR1600 .F6 1684 v1

A Protefiation to the whole Church of England. - ~;~;,,S~;;;;;:;; ;;:e~:;d;h:!J:~c;f~~;e,ov;;fh:;~:~;o;;:,;e;JA::i;u~~.':f b~I(Z};:~ !{ this prefent HijiorJ fluU(:;I!,cientl.J (I trujJ)apptar. Which H,~OTJ thtrtfo:e I hllVt here taf(en in t or Joa;;,:::: Hi~::; ,~:;reap;:~;::;u'C{;,n:aa:R~=~~?/~~hi:a;:A:;':;,~ci:~e~~e;::~; :f ~~::; tt~h~ as of the other; effieciaUy of the poor opprcffid and perf!cuted Church of Chrifl. Which per[ecHted Church though it h41h betn of longfiafon troden ~rnder joot by Enemiu, nrglelJed in the World, not reg.zrded in Hiflories_, and afmofl fc~rcc _vi(ible or "-"OU:" to wo~ldly eyes, J.el hath it bem_the true Ch11rch on!J •f God, wherem he hath mrghttlj 1vrou~ht hrt~;erto, 1~ frefirvmg t/;e fome m 11U txtream Diftrejfts, continuaUy jlirring ttp from t1mt to 11me f•uthjitl Mmifters, b) whom alwap have been fl.!pl fome JParJv of his tr11c Dollrine and Religion. Now forafimuh as the trHe Ch11r~h of God goBth "~' light!J alone, but it ~ccompanied with fo~1e /c~~t ~r otherCh11rch or Chappel of theDtvtl to deface and mabgn thefmu, neceffory tt 'i1 therefore the dif Chrifb firmce between t!Jtm to be fien, a"d the defi:e)J~ of the righi Chu~ch to be deftribed from the Apo)ler ~~~c~hr ~o~e·, .. :,~p~ ~;~:~::c:~ :~1: !::' c:!/!:~o;:;e;;':~gtgzb;;~~:!~la;~; t::t,z;·o,~!~~ mw,:ut ~:ft~t:. holding the Cburch of B..ome to be fo vijible and glorious in the eyes of aU the world, ~ jl1ining. in rcrtbed. OHtRJard beaHty, to bear foch a Port, to carr1Jitch a Train and MHilitltde, and to jland m Jiteh htgb AuthoriiJ, jitppofid the fame tobetheon!J rightCatholick.._ Mother. The other, bwtufl it was not fo Ho" 1he ;t;te~fo; ~;~:::/d0.~'flr1 :tih:~;=~~e l!~~zoc~:~ch0:7a:~ b;e 1!::foe ~~'fo~e% c,~:~,;,o~1e;t: ~~~tti:r none un fie it, 7et neither is it fo vijibl~ 1gam that every worldly t}e may perwvt it. For lt~e M is the ;~~~jfihl~ natHre of Tntth ; fo k the proper condrti011 of the tmeCh~trch, that common!J none forth tt, but [Hch oniJ as be the .Members and Pa.rtalzers thereof. A11d therefore the), which reqNire that Gods bol.? ChNrciJ {hould be evide11t and vijible to the whole WorldJeemtodefine tbegrea.t Sptagoglle of the World, rather the true SpiritHa./ Church of God. ln Chrifls lime who would have thoHght bttl the Congregations and Cauncils of the Pharifecs had hee11 the right Church ? 11nd 7et IMd Chriflanother Church in Earth befides that; which albeit il r~~as not fo tlla11iftfl in the ji_ght of theWork/, Jet was it the onl.J true Ch11rch in thefight of God. Of ~}7r,c;;,;~ht;;;az;J'!!; /!fo;~;h~ ie~Jr;;;;~;:fo;} :oe ~;' 1f~~YJ. ai:~"::~ ';!'~i;al£/e#,":l;~ ;'e~h~~~~~;ofth; Je-r:see~'::o fo~~~G:d:~;:,;Z;'b:;J::/p~fea;~ ;7,":~t~:~e~thh:~lythe":r0";h;~eJ:,:~ roas dejlroyed. A&,er the Jews, then came the Heathen Emperors of Romr, who, ha'l)i11g the whole Power J{ ~iJOj/:1o::~;:c::,::::j ~ih! w;:::'~f~;;:: !:~~~,~~· ;:a~;.tin~t~z;e/:::z~:n:~J~h:;:; &,~;;/ o[ ;7;~.:J:";g:h!fo~~ ~~/ffftu;J;t:c;~:~;ffi;p;a:;e;h;a;g~t!~r;~~ i:~J h~~~e,r~:~Je~ :~;, mightily preferved. For although man} then of the Chrifliam did fojfir death, Jet wa.s their death neither lofs to them, nor detriment to the Ch11rch; bHt the more the) foffired, the more of their bkod increafed. In the tinu ofthefo Emperors Gad raifed NP tlmz in this Realm of Britain divers worthy Preachers Tilt Ad- l 411d Witne.ffis, as Elnanus, Meduim!s, Meltivianus, Amphi bolus, AI banus, Aaron, Julius, and other tlquhy more. In whofe time the DoUrine of Faith without mens traditions was Ji!JctrefJ preached. After ~~~~:h their death and M4ryrdom it pleifed the Lord to provide a gencr11l q:1ie1nCJs to hH Churth, whereby hm m, thei=1~z;eAgft%:~ ;o~;!r~1~;e~:r;h:0 ]a~C:t~d of Britain, Faflidim, Nivianus, Patricius, Bac- j:t~:{~~r chiarius, D~bricius, Congellus, Kentiger_nm, Hehrtotus, Da~i~, Daniel, Sampfon, Elnodugus, the (ame, Afaphus, G!ldas, HenlanJJs, Elbodus, Omothus, Samuel, Ntvms, and a great fort more, which fh:~~=ed:e:: ~~=rd~t~r!~~"//re%7s.~:a~i~:~;:;;!:;~ ~f:ia; ,:'~~:i:~h;~~~a~Jj;';:~;,{~ werefobdHedbytheSaxons. th~fv:;1 :J~~j:U:r~~;1;~~/l£11 ;;J;;:,;,ed,~:~~::,~;;g~j"A::';u~7~: i;n!ri!Y"h~ncC::;:;~~:~ f_0111 R.ome '·man} of the fiud ~rirain-Preachers were flain bJ the Saxons. After th•t began ;;;}fft:;di~a[;,!~h;:':ora;~g~;;u~ :&O:~e~e tl~e3xt~~:; ;t~h :;;;'fo7to~~:t~t;;h ~~~ di~~: grnt induflrJ of{o111e godlj Teacherr which then lived 11mongjl lhem, 111 Aid:mus. Finianus, Cole- ~~ t~~!~~:p;fex!~~~;, B~~:k~~n ~~g~~~:~~e~~~~,"~if~:,tu~fg~f~~~~~~~:~~eji~;;~~:e~~ ~;·,:J;Jb,j"';,,. ·:r::J,:·,t,;·j.u;;~;,g·i:: ::';:;',ff ,t;;~JIJ;.h;,;' .t !JI:;;?:; ;;,:;.&;f:;;;:,,:c£;~;;~ and 'EI~'lhJ~ion, with Attru~tlar Confiffion, WM not crept m for., pub/iclz Doarine in Chrijis Ch 11 rrh «i,ed. for M .bJ their own Saxon Sermon made hJ lEifricus, and fit OHI in the ficond Vo!tmtt of tbh preftn; ~~~~:.' Hiflory m.;y appear. Dttring the which me1111 time, although the Bifoops of Rome were had here in The fome reverence with t/Je Cleru, ye# h11d thC) nothing M )'et to do in m11Ajng LawJ touchir.g matters of;~u;~1c tbeChurch of England ) h11t that 111/y t~pperlained ts the Kings and Governors~'[ the Dmd liS is btg~n •O in this flory to be fien. ' ~~4~0!Jl a 3 And