Fox - BR1600 .F6 1684 v1

A Protefl:ation to the whole Church of England. '!:~e~,P~t£::~e~7:; :tJ~!!~£:~~;,;;;h,~~~:;,;?:~;:;:~:;~;o~tfe~(/,~~ftiu ft;:d;;;, !;t;;;, ::,~}!:,~~~ ~;r;~~;~;:;,foa;;,~~P]e1;:,~o~h:rh:":/r ;!;~~:~~ !;~%: ~:o:,~ ~;z:1f:jje~,:~a~~ft Hei~e:::,~;r;::::~~;:;,~';;c;,0~~~~:~,~~~~j~:;g~t:~/}c::~ :'(:fe ~;:,;h~:;~ the 1501year. :~,0k~y. or i~w;;Jfi;,:a':~h;z;a:t~C;oft~~w~=j~;:£;;::. 0~,~~~::!o{~;;;;;{:!.T;t;h·re~7}r!:o~e~;~P:! ~~~~ ~hi~~~To~~~ At:~z; 1;t;J:";/~:H~:~~J/gn~;;,e_~h:, ::;:0~I;jfi;~;;;:::/tJ~oJ;P~rftc~:;!!~ ~::;;-~h;~;~~:~:~:'fi:: =~:C1;~;:,~t::~Jt:;h~~e~t;::~~~·p~~fl~~;~o:: ~:~;, ~f::'J-;~~;:~~~ All. tsot. cifld, what Torment! devifld, what TreacherJ Hfld againflthe poor Flock. 4na- Church of Chri11; in foch fort dJ ji11ce Cbrifls time greater hath nol been fun. ~=~n% Andntn:Pb.J rcvoirlliouo[Jearswearecomefr.omtb41 ti.IHeofiSOI~ tothe)tarnow prefint 1570. Capd,.hy In which the foil [evenly }tars of the Babylomfu-CaptivtiJ draweth. now ~eO loan end, ifwe coMt ~~~~~d~r frot1:1 the ftrfl apfearing of theft blood} M11rk.! above mentioned. Or ifwe recl{pn from t~ beginning of Luthcr and hts Pcrficlltion, then lac~eth Jel Jrxteen' )ears. Now lf)hat the Lord wzU do with thW wic~ed World, or what reft he rci/J give fq his Ch~trch after theft long Sorrows, he il OHr Father in Heaven, his W'iU he done in E.trth M feemeth btft fq hh llivine MajtJIJ. In the mean time let 111 for mtr pari/ with alt patient Obedience wait upon his Graces /eifore, and glorifie hff hol.! Name, and tdijie one am;ther with aU hHmiliiJ. And if there cannot be an end ofour diJPHting 11nd contending one. againjl another, )'et let there be a moderation in oHr ajfeaiom. And fO'raf;mch M it is the good WiU ofOHr God, that thiH fboHid be let Iooft amongfJ 1H for a fhort time; yet/et 1H flrivc in the mean whilewbat we can to ammd the malice of the timewiJh mHINal humanity. They that be in Error let them not difdain to learn. The.J whicb have greater Talents of Know._ ' ledge conuJJitted, inflndJ in fimpliciiJ them that he fimple. No man livetb in that Commonwealth rPhere nothi11g iJ amifs ; but Jel bua~!fe God hath fo pl.rced IH Eoglifbmcn h-ere in one Commonwealth, alfo in Me ChJJrch, m in ONe Ship together; IelTH nol mangle or divide the Ship, which being divided perifoeth; b111 ever! man fervc with diliger~ce and difcretion in hn Order, wherei11 he 'is called. TheJ Exhort2- thal J!t at the Helm k,up weU the point of the Needle, to k,.now horo the Shipgoeth, and t~~hither it ~fu:,~ht~~Jbo~o~ld: Wh.zt(oever weather hetideth, the Needle weU to11ched with the Stone of Gods Word, t~~iO - ~lMi. RC::~(di'£.;~:$ a;h~bo;:bi~h tfee ~";:ffri:: £:~: 0ta~1£e1J• ti~ ,:::/~: t:~;;;o: 1=o~b~:;;411":; againfi the Rowen and Mariners. No Stor~n fo dangerow to a ship on the Sea, IH is difcord •nd ~;"der i11 aWtal p~blicA: Wha~ Countriu and Jl!atiom, Kingdoms and Empires, What Citiu, E::P;;~~ 8Th~G::fc;;~~;~ ~~=~~:1h f:o!::bo~h :f La:~~n~ ~;:,e:;::t:~t ~;C,:;;~~iJ~j to help them 11p that fi•k.., to '<ftp up them that fland, to fliU theftWinds •ndj!:ging Seas of Difcord ·fo~~;;:,t;:~:A;zoJ ,"fn ;tr~~~;;~c~':[1f[;;~r,0n;fe~;~~ c:;-:;;:;;;fte~fo1/ ;;f/.z:'f,r:,:,g::7£e ;:; l~o~ckj!J be cond~tOtd to tht joyf~o~l Port of our d~firtd landing-place, bJ hn he41Jenl1 Gr11ce. To p/Jom hoth i11 Heaven and Earth, beaU Power and GlorJ, with his Father and th1 &l.J Spirit ftJr tf)tr. ben. Tbe