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1.90 The Cburcb emicbed. Mifdemeanor ofthe Clergy. Gen. 34· ~~1;~~i';;~;~!:,~!Jp';:'fr'!;7/j;/!i/: 1£.-;:t;'; ~~;k~:;~~~dwfu:r:~'(~,1ya~1:t1/~6t~~,!O:~~~ the S~J ;f Lev1, anJ Zt~l if Sun~on, wbhh k1Uttl fnu tft~l than that which was &\'tn to Abbi~ or Churc~. tlu SJchetmtes anJ the?Twmcifd, w_h1ch bare the fir.ure Forwuh that. both <:Jcds. Servants arc fuflamrd, :and that t{ them that defil.e ChrijfJ Chmcb w1th filth] duds, be- which umameth r>_ gwcn to tht Poor. 0 worthy ExDJ. ~m~~r:' ;f;fr:• ~~~~ /,::!!:7 h~ ::~t:}o~r':b:: ~~~! t~ ~~W~P:hKhr :; focl;' fi~lkw~~~~w: 32. wcrjbzppcJ _tbt htffd oft& C~f? . . Furrs of Pndls Lc_m~ns, whatwnh_ they a~orn thrit ;-r;.m· Crl'J/;,/,; b~~d~e~t ~he:f1be f~'~i:~~'!j(t;~ ~ic:1:it~~~k :;; ~;~~QPt::h~;~~s :~~rtt 1~i~ Ac1s 5· the u.JM wsth the Midianit~? Wbtre u Pctcrsj}m~, bJ of my Alms, 15 th1s the df<d of my ~ire, and of thy S. ·~!fif,e~UU::a::::::;u[n;{; e:rn~f;?;~;ft;: 1il:::;;;~! fa~~i!: i~~~'w7i~1_k11~~~ ~n~~;.~o~~~~ ~~~f~:~n~ ~kl, Deut. Jolltnv the UM-]1 cJ the Lor~, anti the nghttcufmfr of cur thou runn_dl: not With him, ncuha hail thou put thy 33· GqJ. It is timt trJ Jq ag111"ft tbun that have brol:m tbe portion wuh Adultncrs. Thou hafi rebuked, 1hou haft "La111~GcJ. _IbllvtConiiannncsS?Pord, _a,J J' have t:x~t:d, thou blart)(dthnn: ~utwotdshave bmt Pctt:ISS"llM'.l "' JG•rhlnrJs; ht usju;n nght ba"llds, ltt dcfp1fcd; now we mufi oome to tlripcs of Corndion. ~~r':;/h/';;" ;,:, ~':a~:he_'f~; P~!~,~~ke ~?,J %a;"l ~Ph~ .l;,~~~~~;,~~v~~i~~~~~J~;;r:~~ purgd,_ and 0e Som o[U.v1 may mmij!tr m the Temple, OfwaiJ 8Jfhop of 1~rufttr. I com.mtt thrs bufin~ to who fat~ to hu Father anti Mother, I know .Y?u not; you, th_Jt both by Bifil?ply CorrcCI:wn, and the Kmgs tmd to bu Brother, I know you not. Go too J,ftgmtfJ I Authoncy, the hlthy ~IVt:lS may be cafi out of the pra; JOtl, left '!"'' rtpmt to ha-r:e J~ tbllt we ba11e done, Churchc:s,aud th~y drat h\·tordnly may be brought in,&c. b:Jp:n;an:; ~~v~o'a:a~t'::uifr:v~~/1:tJ:R~~of:r;~, ~ thi~~~~st~: c~i~fl~o~~ : ~~~d~~:t'co~~~~J~h~~mt~ha~~~ wuluJ men, t~r~ugh vile and corruft ltbm;of life,for ~a~·c JUdgmrnt to mJ~k and l:ndt:Iftand,_ to wit, Tht re·::~~~~~~ lac~ cf Ch11ffi~ment. Lrt the reltc/:.J of bolj ~amtr, lrgtous teal and dcv.otton ofK_mgs, both m giving to the,arnolcd. whrcb they Jejpifo, and the boil AlrarJ IJtfcrt whtck tbq Church, and :~.Jfo m ~m:dmg tht: _mannrrs of Church· ~~!~=:t;:;::;; ,7u7'e,t::Oje Jt~/~hf::~::{/tif tt ~tt~;t: ~~~~~1!hc~~ta~~~!~1 ~h~~:~~Do~~;:1~~~p: ~;e;::t;;;n;tf;r o{~f~1: ?;;;;{~~~hu~;h/::n~o:/~ ~i:~~;~~~n~~d~~~~n':m~h~~t cr~~r~~\:,~h bits. MJ t,reat $reat Grandfather, _Al frt:dus of h~fJ Scat~ as \~ell Ecc.lcliafiical as Tcmf?Tlll , in dlttming "'e7f1<!ry, thought ,, mJt mut ttJ j}art hu. Trea[ur_u, hu Chn_lls Rc_hgi~~ ch1d\y to confifi in ~ving ro Churches, Goods, nvr Cofts, nor Rent s tbar ht mtght mncb tbt and m m~mtammg ot: Mo:nkcry; bemg fulfclyftrfwaded Church. _MJ G~anJfathtr the elder, _Edward, J~Hr Fa· that umJ_ffi~n.of t~ltl_r Sms, and_ remedy of their Soul~ thtrhooJ 11 71()1 sgttf!rant bvw great tbmgs ~e gave tiJ ~bt therein, dld he m b~lldmg ~onaficncs., trt:~Hng Churcht:s: Churches . It buo~utb y(!U ttJ rt~t~b~ 'lJJtth what Gifn ~nd Cloyfirn, and m phcmg Monks in ~he fame, and 111] FatbtrtmJ hu Brothers Juimruh Cbnfts Altllrs, fuchorht:rAlms-~t:tds,:mdWor~sofdevot!on. Whnein r beeo. ~e~~~~J ~~a;;~~~kJ:;•~ta•:he!:f~m~~~:"lri~tr~t~% ci~r~~ Ch~o~s1~,11~ndh~f tf:~::~t0!J~~tr~~~5:!" t ~~~;::,~, h;h:;;tifut11a:;:~~:;,:"J F';h:: ~==~~"!, :~c~t~~~~~~~~~f~ ~:S~~~/~~ ~~~~~~~· t:~~!r~f ~~~et~~~ [t~\~~~~l ~~f;;u~~~ Ft~~~~~~~~~:si~~~ ~~1d ~c71~~~:; ·r~icl; ;]l;c 6~;~tJ~~o~~Sci, ~~~~uA~~~=~ t:r~~~ c~~c:;;e d ~n~::~~31J~v~:~1cdido~ :: in.N~~m~~~~~~ift~t~11al:h~cf~~f~ko:~~mfc:'inchr~ olx-y thct? Wh:u: rrrafures_dtd lpnfcrin _rt:fpcd of thy I~!Shlo.cwJfc, toprofccutt: thcOrda and Race of Archcounfds ~ What Poffdlions did I 1_1ot ddpif~,1f thou luddt:tl: b1~op of CanttrbN7 , :IS we have donc tht Race of mt:?lfthouthoughtd1m«ttoglvtanythlllgtOthe_poor, Kmgs, ~ginningwHh Etbtlrttl111, wJ:ofucct:cded next I was ready. If thou thougbtli mttt to giveany thmg to after CtlmJckt, the fcvcnteemh Archbilhop of that Su, Chwthes , I dd"crrW. not. If thou complaincdfi that mciuioncd whtrt we left before. The