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Arch-Bifhops of Canterbury. 1 )1 1 The Nt~mtl • nd Order of t he Archbi{hops of Can: rcrbu ry, from t he time of K ing Egbert Id Willil m Conqueror. ~ol:l!iil:~ !hepl~v~ tn~ I ~:r~;:~. hi~u:,~7((~~;;~~ • f:loly Ghofi at hisM:rlSin; likcndSofaDove. Iwn, in delivering the Soul9f EJ~i~ framthcDcvih .. /Jem,inforefccing the dt01th of King Et!wl, bytheclt"ath andfal\- 1 ;,!g of h;, H~>f<. l"m, of Ins Mother bemg great with ! ',56 •• E~tljihrrrlrgr•',·•,w. l ~~~f 11~t!~~~11w:~-~~ ~~~~~~ ; "I only c,nd·l.·. '."""'~a h~"' atid tna y other hkc Fables, &,. 27. Sirici111. 5 ThisSmmuw:lSthcCoun- . fcl!or to Km~Eg,tlrrd, torc- ;3~,:. ti,:.·!,~-~~;. 1 ~ 1 ~:~r.~~.~~~¥~;~;.:~~ LRJ" tl -v1uh, :1.udof fomc iscalkd:1. Martyr. 32· Rcbtrfllso 2 Thts Robmut oufcJ GoJwmandlnsSonswbcb:l.m!l ll d ,"wfingthtmofTrufon. But:Jflerward!hcybcingrt- ~ Hor«<, hewcmcoRome, :111d athi'ircmmdicd. B• SlignnJus. J7 Sti{andtl! being afl. Engl.rfl>. I m••, m d~ ,;m, of !Vri/Mm ' Con~11tror the Norman, \\as I :~:iF~;~:~~,E~'.,~~m?!~; I honour he was cntert:uned. l Ac length the fa1d lf/J/Jiam pr..xtued fecrccly the PopeS ! 3+· Lanfnnms. i9 Lctrc_rs to Jepofehim, th_at hccmghtphce ~nfanarsm i I ~~rd ~~;~th~~';mJ::~anJm I The End of the T hird Book. THt!: