Fox - BR1600 .F6 1684 v1

L I · FE 0 F Mr. John Fox, Tranflated out· of the Latine. T 0 THE READER· ving been often and earnefl:ly requdl:ed by inany, to gratifie Poll:erify, with theHi!l:oryof rny Fathers life, which I had written above thirty years fince ; and finding that no new matter had fain out, for which (though I were filem) I lhould difhull the judgment of after Ages, con•erning a man fo well known; but that many things to this Purpofe neceffary, were now out of my power, by the death of thofe, upon whofe Tellimony the truth of each Particular depended; I made m> quell:ion, but both eafily with all men, to find Pardon for my firll refufal; and if ll:illl lhould continue in the fame mind, as eafily to keep my felf in the right I have to ufe my liberty herein. Bur when I perceived, that fome,who weremeer ll:rangers to him, and utterly ignorant of his Converfation, had taken upon them, to write bis Life; of which they could learn nothing, but by Hear-fays, and flying Reports; whereby it fell out, that many of his atl:ions were amplified above the truth ; many things otherwif related than performed; and much paffed over, that came not to their knowledge ; having my felf when I was a young man, been always Converfant with him in his later days,and when