Fox - BR1600 .F6 1684 v1

To the Reader. when I was abfent from him, had better Intelligence of any remarkable palfage in his life; I rhowght it but my duty, to preferve his Memory from wrong; and if I could add nothing to it, at lea!l: to place it in its true and proper light. Neither feared I, but that I lhould be able to ju!tifie this to the Readers, rhat being his Son I publilhed my Fathers life, though in refpeCl: of my nearnefs to him, I may befafpected. For firfi, that fomemorableamanlhouldbeunknown to Pofierity, even the injury done him, by thofe who had ill handled his Story, would not futfer: neither was it fafe, that any but his own Friends fuould undertake to right him; and what reafon is there, that his Sons credit lhould be more fufpeCl:ed, than the force of their anger and grief, who defire that no Memory of him might at all remain? Thus long I have forborn, till being in equal danger, of the offence that may be taken, by the adverfe Party, and thofe that defired his Story, I chofe at length to fatisfie their Minds, who not withoutfomevehemencerequefied it of me. At whofe importunity, I have confented to fer forth this Book, written at firll: to no other intent, than to preferve by me the Image ofmy Fathers life; and now, in fo confirmed a Fame of him, rather thought necelfary by others, than !0 judged by my fel£ THE