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A Table of Tables. c. ' !1-lowfar oneisboundtoaccufe himfdf or anothu, Vol.z. P· 352,c, r. Vol. 1. ;;4Si I w~~t:; the Papijfschallenge in Campitm his words, ~0 t t mport, quibm modis, 'fi;Otis 1 vieibus, the C~urch of Rome fhould revolt, may not clearly be anl\\·ered. Sec a teamed C.Juij}s may hac find1 Trratife fer thts, Vol. r. p. 2. to 32• many cafes difcuff"ed; WhenandhowOathsarelawful, Vul.2.p.352.c.r. As, Whetherfwearingupona Book bcto fwarebyaCrcaturc, Vol. r. p.6r3. C. r. WhcthuKingsdowdltobccomeMonks, Vol. r. 127, c.t. . l . Whcther pafecuted Martyrs may lawfully ftand upon their own deferice. Vol. 2~ p. 165; , c.r.p.166. c. r. I r Th" th<fiory of Abd;~ i> to h< f"fp<Clol, Vol. L P·l9· '· '· That P. Anaclttm his third Epifile is fuppoftd to be forgtd, Vo\.1. p.1 r, .- That tht ~etal:o and Ordinancts fathered upon the Bifhop; of R~mt in the firfi 300 y~rS after Chtlll, under the Ten P~(ci:utions, are for the mOfi part fe1 gned. Set evc:~y parucuWriurs 11ar Pttfccuu.·on. .And.look thet.r in.the lnJtx at.the end. How thofe thm~s came judicioufly tobcfarhctedfalflyuponthem. SecVol r.p.64. c.r. Critichmay cmfured; That a placeofF"bi"n.IStobcconed:rd, Vol.r.p. 386. c.z . find hac As, ThefiotyofVim:mti1111fufpcded, Vol.r.p. 50.c.2. AplaccofEp•phamuJfoundfaulty,Voi.J .p.55. c.r. l What istobe thought of the Utm Tra!lflauon ~ Eu[tlm11, Vol.r. 7r.c.2, ~ Tit. .. . t the more and.tnt Writers ar.e ofmorccrcdLt; the later Writers under the thoufand 1 ycarsfwa:Clu;ifimoretobefufpcd:tdinfomethings,Vol.J.p.486. c.2. Of what dfttm RoJulphuJ Agmol>~ is to be reputed, VoLt. p.82g. ,\. CrmcifmJ upon words, as Pr.ecurrtrt, Vol.t.-p.15. C,J , SoluJ,Vol,t.p.24.C.2. D. r ~ E•fi;;.,;, '<'l' oft citol. S<<rilofiP•g<Softh<T<nPttf«uton<: .. . . Doroth<eus. SJn.upf. 'J.otJn. Je Mqnre"/i, Rimm. his CRtt~l. Script' Gua~ reading of Ecd IfwJur. ; afiicalHifiorics. With infinite more m the Ten Petfecutions, and throughout the Book. l l rAgainfi thePopesSuprdTUcy. Vol.3 . p.468. ForPridlsMarriage. Vo\.2. P.3,90.c.J. I ACatalogue. o. f them gathered from time to time without the Pope. Vol.1 ; 1 p.J68. l .. ' That ".B'""• h;s,&. •ga;nn H;/d,bmJ. Vo\ t. P.'O+ ~'·. Many pra,CHces of Coun~ 1 a1s) As, I \ i::~~V~. 0~·.1;.p~~::'/;.2;0 I . C.l . · {Th"" C'"j/'"''• IUs ,t51s •gaotfi th< B'b'm''"'· Vol. t. p. 73i. 1 The A& of the)Wurnus.Vol.I,'2oJ.c 1, pivin.t!may Cow1cil of )Ant1ocb. Vol. J. p. 83. c.2. he= with ' c~::ji;,.~~!r: PVo~. 1;~~;44,C.2. , .Variety o( rrading of ve.~~:;f!t~=!JiJ£!~~~~:~~ ~~~~~~;~~ation. in EJ, 6 ' rymanyoftheFathcrs: Twelv_e~athcrsfundrytirmsall(dged for thdr)ud.gmcntsonthd'ew~ Thu 11 111J.&JJ· Jn EJw. 6th's Reign. OhJ~:ions and' f:XJX>" { Qrthc Glofs. Volume i. Page 357, 358,359,36~a6r,362. SchoolOivlriity,