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Am:, Rm11111 &ma.. Kings of ArchbiC/;ri.JTi Empcr. Bifhop.;. I England ~~~-~ 195· Ptrtin11x This Sct~tfiiJ, fame Se· ""'!· A Cbronolog;. Hmulitus about this time btgan 10 write his Annotations and Enat:mions Vol.I. "?O" <h< Ne• Tdbmom. \ P•s< Th_e~philus ~n Ecckfiafii_cal writer, Bifhop of Ctfaria.. D1onJJi11s Btfhop of Cormtk, famous fOr l~rning, _ wntes divm Epiflles to ~:v~~~1 h:~~~~c ;:~nTh~~ ~~~e ~~:d":;~ ~,!~~~r.~~~(!t~yvtjk::;i~~ ChafiityuponhisBret!u·cn. This J!irm!flus writes an Epifilc of Di~nr.fius AmpPgita, dt'Cbring (as it ~s ~~d;; ~~:a~:li~ i~ ~~~~~~\~0~~blrlak11~irl~t~ht~ ~~~~~~h~;~~~~fsf t~ ing firft Bilhop of Athens,- Tlus Di~nJJius of_C~rintb cloth fhcw us that it was the. cuflom in his time, that the Ep1files that were Cen t unto ~~!:~~(~!~~%~~:. men, fhould be read in the Churches in the Chmtns Alt xam!rinus alfo wrote in the time of this Emperor Ctm~mod111, ~~: ~~! ~~: T~;~;:t~ant, dcdaring the order and numbtr of the 59 • A manofthe!e~imes too,wasPan/tnus ,the firH pu~li~k profelfor i~ Schco~ in Altxandrra, occalioning by his example Chnfhan Uni~·erfitt~. This P11ntt11us ~or his great Learning, ~ Cent for by Dt"!mtul, St fhop of Akxandna, to prcch tO the Indians, whne he tind.Lng Sr. Maflhrws Gofpd in Htbrrw,left that by St. Barthckmtw, brought it from thence tothelibraryof Altxandria. Whiks t_he Chrifiians had any refpitcs of pe3ce i1\ this <;om'!''Jus h~s time, theyJ:mgledaboU[thecdebrationofEafttr. YetdLffennginthtsCeremony, theybrake notorfCharity, Thc:diffcrenceoftheir&jftr~ays. He reigned but a few months Emperor. This St:JtrUs raifed the ti fth Ptr[uuti~n, ~f the eighteen )"t:ars of his reign, thehr!lrenwcrefavourablc:toth.e Chnflians, the other eight through fal!eaccufationsofthemalignam, by Procbmationdrewbiood upon the Chri!l:ians, fec:Eufrb.Lib. 6. about the )"car205 , The accufcrs branded them with ftdition, ltJUrthtr, &c. with wm!ltipping of an Afshishcad, becaufetheybeliewdtheftoryofSampflns!laughter· Th~~t~~]Ji~t~f~;};:J:~~:~~?~{?;f.ij:~~: Claudius,Hormianus, The plxcs of this Perfecu tion \HTC Africa, Alexandria, C<~pp11Jui11, and Carrbagr. The pcrfons pufecuted and mutyred wm, l..Mnidrs father of Origrn beheaded, with whom his (on Origtn, being then of fevcnteen years, would have fuffmd Manytdom1 but that his Mother byforcehindrtdhim. Origm CJKOUrageth his Father to Martyrdom, faying:, Ca-vt tibi ne quid ~Z:fo, "o:; foku~h~~sF~h!: ~~;ifl:i~~~r:'nd~~!st~~~~~ffrca::~~~{~ Emptror, he maintained hLmklf, and mother, and her childrtn, bemg m great JlO''~ty , by teaching School. He was v~ ltarntd,_conferring the HrbrewwtththeTranllationoftheSeptuagmt; and hnding out the common Tr.mllationsof A'J1sila SJ.mmachus andThecJ~ticn; adjoyui~g to them four other T ranllatlOllS. Hts Books he r:enntd, were by St. Hu - romsaccoimt, 7000 Volumes, which he fold for a little abo,·e three JXnceapieceforhisrtlief. ¥,~g;~??rii~i1£~:f:~~?~~~~:::~l;;~~d~"'d Strmus a htth of Or1gms fcholars, many_rcd b_y lxheadmg. Rhais and Pontamima were tormtnted WLth pttch poured upon them, and foman}'I<:d. ~1~!:~,~~~~~~:£rE~~~~:To:::~~.:~~~~;:::·~:r~: t::r:~: was tO fwear by dLC Idols, proltlling himfelfalfO to be tumcd Chnfilan, by !Ut:J.ns of Pcnwnitna,who faid as fhe went to martyrdom that fhc: would pr.oy that God wouklluve mttcy on him, after which {he h:1d fetn a Crown put. upon his ht'3d, wheaupon he was mart)"rtd by beheading. .A/txandtrbyhssgreatfirengthof body andg.ncc-,furvivingmanygreat !O~ems_ inAic1e_d on him tOr Rcl igi~n, was by the 1e_pute thttcof, ad- )OI_ned Btfhop oi Jtrufalun to _Narci/fos the former Bifhop of th:lt fnt ?~i:! \:,~~~ :~:;~~ t tionswere not true: which being falfe, t hofe fcvaalimprecationswcretrulyexecutcduponthc~bytheLord,co cachhisownwifh. Anrlodus fent by Polycarp into France for his fpreading the Gofpd thtrr, wasbeatenwuhfiavesandb:tts, andbehtad.C"d, and fomarryred . Afdrpiadts a perfecutcd ConfdTor, BiChop of Anticch. lrlnttus, Bi01op of Liens, M~rl yr; commtndcd by Ttri/IUian to be tbt grtarefl fearchtr of nil kitJJ of Ltarning. He