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ACbro11ology. Am" ~Bilhop> King~ of England. Archbi· t:;sB':fi:~~::t~!~::i~s~'h~!rn~o;,~:;::ll~~:h~t~~tP::rch!:: ~~~~· C/nijli. ~ 'of &mr. ~ [I~ n ;~~ i ~,; ~r.Ji~<~d:b::~~;l~~· ~~;~o;,~'~r~~;!idM~;;r.~{~r~:~~~ '3, o ~ f: ; ~ 0:: .1: 2. wfuch Grtgory an( was, grantmg Wovcs to the Pridls dut could not f Hlfl: ; ;: 1 A•fo:~~~i, Monk, byG"g"J his P,l\mod<A>Ohbilhopof c.,t,b•ry' c;c~heh~~~~~~~i~r~~~ .~d~~;;,;: ~:) t~~ ~~hb~~~/:rh~~!:; and the Archhllhopof J~r! This .AuJiin chargerh the ~aid Bifhops to affifi in preaching ~o the Eng_lifl1 men, and that ~dOrm~uon !bould be made in the s,mifh and Bnt,fh Churches, ind1vcrsth1ngs; particularly, tochangctbeirtJmcofEttjltr, to the cultom of ~me: But the Scots and Britainr uttaly rcfufed to ch~ngethcir cuJtom. Aujfin fo proud, that he would 1~0t OOw. to fcvc:n Bifhops, and one Archb1!hop? coming to a .Council at hts Command ; whrreuP:On 13 2 the faid B1lhops and ArchbiU1op was fo pcrverft, chat they drmed to allifihim to connrcrhe ldobtrcus Saxo11s. Agrntfaultonborh fides. Aujlin_blpti"z~. (as Aurhorsfay) roocoinone~ar, viz, theFeafiof Chrills Nanvny. Obferve, Fonts were nor then m uft; nor wrre then~ many Trinkets ufed about &ptifm, as now at Rome; tlfe Aujlin could ~ norha.vebaptiftdfomanyinoneday. u•~~n,·· A~~e~:~te fame fiftttn yeous Archhiihop. He ordain«! Lawrmu Arch· 4· J•ft.s. . ,. H#~rrin. ScealfoPagernofthegreat_V"olume. Aofufd,th~~ ::e rh~e~fe~ ~tar-his 8~Jec~or~c:lrh~r:C~~faJiJrh~ fuccdfors. About this rime died DaviJ, Archbilhop of Cairlton. A~:~r~~~i~ecawm~ ~;~rr~\~~r~of~~~ft~~~~~h~a~.ho H: ;~rJ~~~ 1 H a Werk lit all the day athJsDoor, to take up matters, and make unity where was any variance. He lamemed mudt one day becau(e none came that daytohim,ashavingdomnogood. But hisDeaconpcrfwaded ~~: t~:!'e~~:~fcJ\~~:O~~~if:~~~~ught the City into that good order, He was a malicious detraCtor of Grtgory and his works. He ccntinued fcarce two years. ~Pager?~ofthegreatVolume. He did ~re hurt in his one }"tar being BilhOJ:>, than GrtgcrJ could do good m many• .fie obtained ofPhoc"' the wKked Emperor, that he and hisfum!TorsinthatSte!houldhaveanuniverfalhead·Olipovnallthe Chwchcs inChrij}tndom. Th1~:J~~~;~t1~~~~i~;1~hi~~~eth~1~efentstoK.EJwin ofNmhumbtr· 134 Juft:u ordained Paulinus Archbilhop of York, Of him (eealfo Page 173 of thegreatVolume. 134 K. Edwin being wounded_ by T reafon with a Swor~, was thereupon moved to oufe that h1s Daughter fhould be baptiZed, and twelve more of his Family, in tokm that he aiiO would be chrifiened, as he promifed to Chrin, if he fbould give him Vid:ory in Bared over \~d~n'lisor~:nrre~P~·x~~i;lg ~~~7c~;~h~h~~d ~~e ~~~~ry~o~ed;;,; deny his old Law which his Forefathers had kept fo long, and fud· denly be chrifltnt"d without authority and advice of his Council. But ?Y prt'3.ching of Paulinut, the _fir!! Archbifhop of York, he lrfr hts Mahometry. At laH by Ptculmtu his C3mefi prayers to God, and preffing the King with his promife, he received the faith, and was bapthed with many of his SubjeCts with him. After this rhe faid Paulinu1 baptizc:d daily many multitudes. And great prace was throughout rhe Kingdom, fo that a Woman laden With Gold might illVegonequiedy• Of H~rius Archbilhop, ke Page 17~ of the great Voltlme. Six years after Edwin's Baptifm ( who brought in the faith in the ~d1~y \:I~~d'~~n~: fG~~ ~£ ~~r~t~~ia:::~~~he~~~:~t ~~:~ 135 fir/J. EJwin being dead, and CtJwaUa with his Britains and wicked PmJ": with his idolatrous Mtrcians, fpoiling the Country, Paulmur, :~~rh;a~:~ !~e/bBiffi~P~ c;;~htfttr flJin:rtnwa;~rs~~toN!t8f~ fbop bt1ng m Northu,btrlanJ for thirty years after. But Paulinus had_ ld't .1amu, a godly Deacon, . ~ho. ~reachtd and baptized many, till peace and the former conditton ot iliat Country retur· oo!. . ' . Byt::C~s;;, ErpwnJJur King of the Eaft·1 mgla, \Vas reductd ["] After