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.. A Cbrono!og;. as he was. The K. reb~king him for parting with that _choice Ho_rf(', whtn othrr mtaner might have fnved the Beggcr ; the Btfhop rcpltcd, f0~h~~';:, (~:fy,_f;~;,';b/~:://;o;f.; '~{~:fut: :~/fsor~; ~t;; f!J 1athisfett, protmfiug ncvcraftt:r to gainfay any charity he fhoul~ fhew. Bt1Udifl or Bmtt, firnamed B. (who brought up Btdt from (even years old, ~ll his lifdnltaming) a Nobleman, and in great favour wi_th King ~~d~e~i~ i~u~L~ r:;:~~df~~~o~~;;_c~~i~~lo b:~~;;:~~~et,~~ UngintoEng/tmd. ~f::J,;,r;: Cu:btrtu1, Biihop, is faid to li_ve about this time, with divers other godly Biirdit. i'hof6-ButthefaidCutbtrtJsnotbyWritusfaidtobeArchbifhopofCan· ttrb'"'ftillafter.Anno735-Sccaftcrthatycar. A Synod about this time is hdd of divns Bifhops, whertin many htld againfl: the Brjtains and Scmip, Bifhops for the obfrrving of EA- ~;rAil:s ~{:;;:~~~~n~bi~~: ~~~or~i,h~~t~f,e!ri~~~'ceff::t~3 I 36 held, and as the &mijb Bilbopsthen did hold, didobfervecontrary to the ufc:among the Rm~tms and S11x~ns1 the time of Elljltrfrom thc:fourteemh darofthefirfimonth, till the tight andtwemieth of rJ)c: fame_ Month; whether it wtteSabb:nh or no. The other fide, as WtljhJ the Priefi, who fpake for the reil, as Agdbert, &c. held that according to the cuflom of Romt , ltalJ, Franu, Ajia, Afick, ~J: ~t~~~~eS:~f!:eb~o~~db~ 10~c~t=JP:o01;h~h~~e!~~~~!~~ d~~ tweenthe fourteenth and the one and twentieth day. The former frd~ allcdgtd for their Tenet, Saint 'J.clm the Evangcli~ example. Tlus lattt:r alla:lged St. Ptttr's. Tht: K111g concludt:th thus. For fo much as St. Peter is the Door-keeper of Heaven, i willnotgainfay him, but obty his orders, lefr when I come to the Gates ofHeaven, r37 he !hut them aglinfi mr. To this rcafon the multitude yielded. But Cc/man in difpkafure left the Realtn, ancl went into Scotland. Wet~; ~:;e~:~\~~~.s::~~::; ~~:~ :~~itt~d t~~~:iv;!~:p~~~fin~re~ great Famine, infomuch that the people would go forty togrthtt upon thrRocks, andtakehands, :mdthrowthemfdvtS downintotht- s., Wilfrid taught the S111tbJwms t~ art of filhing with Nets. .Aboutthistimethedctdlab1e Sed of Mah11mtt, be~nto takt firength 138 and place. Of Mah11mt1 came the Kingdom of Atarms, whom -he: aher n::nmd Sar11ctns ; eo whom he gave: fundry laws patched of many Sects. He taught them to pray with their faces to the South. As we kerp Suntla;, fo they ketp Frida; ; which they call the .day of Vm11s. He pmnieted them eo have :lS many Win:s as they were able to maintain ; and to have as many Concubines as they lilltd; toabfiainfrom Winr,exctpton fome folcmn daysof the ycat; tohavrandto worlhip one GodOmnipotrnc; and 10 e· fircm MQ[tsand the Propht:tsgrru, butChrifi as greater; as lx· ' illg