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757 793 A Chronology.,untothcbordasof Vmi,e; andthisisthe:Donationthat VoJ.J. :ntiolrn::nly, butfalfelygocsundcr the:lUmc ofc,njftmtint's[)o.... Page To this _Pipintll was fe~~t into Franct the i1wmtion of Organs out of Th~,(,~~ ~)~~~tu~;;;~:~::n~~~:£:;~~~:iufi C~ftantint Emperor of Conflanttno.ple,for pulhng do\Yil l mages i1: Churches: but the. faid EmJXror fl1ghting the~~· held on in his prad:icc, d~roymg~dolatry tothcC11dof h1shfc. Of thiS Archbd'hop,. (cepag. 173. of the great Vol~mc:, :,,•",'. 8~~ii. T~:~~.C~'{f;yn~~h~~ ~u~)~~d3~e: t~~~~;~1%hlcl~~~a~~y~only ThisPopc madea Dccrccchac noLa)'-man !houldbcPopt. Alfohe condemned the fcvcnth Council of Crmftantinqpfe, as heretical, for condemningwor!llippingofimages. This Pope wrote a Book of the worlhipping and utility of Jmagcs, ~!~l~~e~S27.~h·%:. K,/mt!m, holding a Synod againfi chcm LUib~;t, o~~~~~!t~~~hi~~i~;;~~~~~~~f~:~~%fi~~~· how that ahas PopeAJrianclothcdthcbodyofSt.Ptltrmfilver,andcovera:l.thc Ju,itr~, AltuofSt. Paul with a pall of gold. ~~~&. Ki~~1'6~i~,asasl~~7:~~;:~r~~~~~c~G"::~e;~cabu~l~h:i:b • Ti~~!~:':i:'ttfelit~~gy of Sr. Am~rofo \V?S much ufro in the Ita.. ban Church~$ But now this Adnan conhnns the Mafs of St. Grt· lflrJ above the Ma!S of St. Ambrofo, by a pretend(() revelation and miracle, that when Ambro{t his Mafs·book, and Grtgt~rits Ma!SbookwereputuponanAlt.lrinaChurch,thcdoorsfcaltdup,che monow the ltavtS of Se. Grtgt~rits Book were fcauettd abroad in the Church, andcheothcrBooklayopenupon the Altar: which .AJrianexpound(d, thatG"rtgcritsMafs fhou!d be difperftdth~ c~~/u~~~~~~;~,~~j;~~·rh~~t~P~::3:~~fo~:· dfd:%';m his Fathers 145 Donattons to the S« of Rome, addmg a!fo thereunto the City and Dominion of Veniu, Hiftria, &c. The Pope eo requiu: his kind· nefs, maktS him t? be imituled,Moft Chrilfian J(jng. This Cbarlts maktS the Pope Pnnce of lt<~ly and Rome; and makes Charles Patricium Romanum, and morcovtr ordaintd him only to be rakrn Emperor of R()m~. lnthisytarJ8o,itrainedbloodatYorl:; which is. thought offome Expofirors,tobttok(llthecomingoftheDannmtotheland,who cncrtd about fev(ltyears after, in the ninthyrar ofBrightricu1 EJ~~!g~f :;fo{'; Brightricus her Husb:md, and afcc:r plavin~tlieHarloc:withaMonk, mda:i her life in grtatpenurya1id 146 mtfery. lrtnt E~pre!S ofGrem, takts u-p at Confttmti~lt tht body of <An· ft•ntsne Emperor of Cmfta'llttrwplt, hc:r Husbands Father, and having burnt it, cafieth the a!btSincothefta, forthafhedi&nw.l!fd lnug<S. Eg!~!0:h~~~xC:salini~~~~ b~~~b:~:1fuid0;r;1~;},:~ fearccl.Et.bertscomingtohisCrown. , 4, ThcArchbafhopEihe/ard, byhisEpifHestoPopc:Lto, Et!~{;;d•t ~~~c~litanSeeagain toCanttrbury, fttpag. 173. of the grc:at ~:~~:;,~4· Kh~t~!~,;:: il~l~r~~~d~u;~W:~~~;~r;r:n~~h::;;I;;f~~ iA: fl.!!inreJa. Thus far of the troublcfome feven Kingdoms of the Saxms; of whom obfervc:thcfcgenc:ralobfervations. · rt.!SandAitarintothis Kingdom, Anno635. 1 :.::: :::s:~~~i~~?·~~ fom 2Thirtttn more . not~ Abbqs, be· 4· That~nsandK;·;,gfi,•dd",,""",;h;;;,Y'~;f;l,',",.,"gi"i";·h"min•Ji' l to the numbtrat kall ~f_tighct('n~ha~; tumcdNuns. . S· That at lc:afi nine of thofe Sax(Jn Kings becameMonks· In!~~~';: J~~~~~~~a~a&s fufi into the: North plrts of Lltl~ntJ,