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Cbrijli rors · ~f Bilhops. Germ. A,, Emp<-~ R•m.n 971 972 977 979 A Chronology. ~~fa,0J t;sb~f f~';;:o:Ms',~~~s~~~:di~;;;~~~:r~~~~;rertimcs, was, that Monks Canur• might pray for them whl,l they wen dead; or elfe Uy way of fJrisfad:ion hur1 • , for Come murder commit~c~ by _the foun~crs. Vol. f. PJ~c. King EJg~rw~ a~ood } ufiuLary, Jn cie.:uuon of Laws jufily. ThisKiL1g madethLsland onepafed Monarchy. 173 This King having fulxlucdmtn, drives out too the Wolves outoftltis land. He wasexct~:ding Watchful, and wdl provided for cl1e IRfmceof the Seas. To pn=vcntPrm)kenndS in his Sub~, hecaufcd to be made Cups with pinstobcfct inthcm; adding a Law, that he that drankatadraught beyondhismark, wastop.1y a ptnny: half to the Accufer, therdtw theRu!erof thcTown. Eight Kings called ,S~br~gu!i, did Homage to r.his EJgar, whom in pomp he made to row bun m a Boat, himfdf holdmg the Helm. 1 He was given to Women, and a great Monk-maker, aud a dcf!o\•.-i'tr of a 174 Nun. Forwl~ich Dunjfqn takchimbythe hand, when the f~~~:~=~~rior~~~~r~w:~~or~~::~~~~:~~/~ere;~~~~~·~7·~~~~~; 1 7~ tothcPoor, and buJ!dmgaNunntry. Doting DtmPan was drowned in Supcrftition_, if not a Sorcerer too. He is faid ro catch the Devil by the Nofe with a pair of Tongs red hot. ~)'rp?;hnB~~r:i~ix~~~a~~~~;ti~~c;!~r~~~~~c,0~~~6. where he is callintoprifon,and lhin. O f Pope Dcmus, fee the tirfi grot Vol. p. 206. Of P?pe Bo~if.:ue the Scvemh, f~e the tull gn·at Volumt, p:rg. 2o6.col.J, Th~ Boniface fearing Confplrl~, fl.ycs to Ctmftantm~pft; mclll whtlc Pope John the Fifteenth, alu11 the F'ourreemh, is made Pope. T_hm Bonifact returns, and fo arc two Popes at the fame rime. Sec the · f:u.dp.zo6. Much 'ftir :it this time a!xmt placing and difpbcing Monks, C:lufed ftir a· 175 bout the Crown, Monks aiming at fuch a J(m6 as wo~ld be a Monk favorer : atlar\,thisEdwartlbyDunftans mt:tns waschoftn. This EJ,/Jarrl was n"Ot, in truth, a Martyr, as the com_mon opinion goes; but wastrulyaBaf\ard. Of this Jo~n theFiftten~h, alias (as others will) _Tohn the Fourtttnth, and Bcmifau, ~ad thetr ends, fee the firll_grht Volume, f?S· 206.col .J. 'J:ohn having\meyes.putout, a11dhehsm(tli _familhed 111 Pri f?n, Be-- ~~~~ 1i:cs, and after IS drngged through the City, the proplc rnump:1An Image of the Crucifix of R ood, by Dunjfa,u device, iS made ro anfwertoaCouncil met and praying to this lmagc, fuchan anfwcr as 17 7 might carry the conclulion as Dtmftan would; in thefe words, .Abfit hac ut fiar, &c. (i .J Far bt that, far be that: you ha"vt we/J juJgeJ, yo:: wou/JnotJowtlltocbangt . Dunftan was a great enemy to Pridls wives. ~p~'&~ ~~~h~~~~~1dr~~~~;!: !~froash~; ~~~~~ ~or~~i~~: 177 ~~~cr~u!:; f~~~~b~~w~~~ t~:~~~: :ho~~~a:, 'n~ls h~l~e t.:: his Horfe having dragg«l him through ~uch dirt, his Foot hang· ing in the Stirrup, as he fell dad off Ius Horfe-back. Two Nunneries are Founded upon his Blood, that that murrherefs Qleen had lhed. This BeneJiCI(whom Reufn. and Helv. put before the former Pope 'John, 1 iS ~~re::on!h~ ~~~~~~r~o~h~fehc~~~~e0[~~~t1~~~;? was made Pope by In tbe t ime; of this Btnerlifl, Gilbert us a Ne~romancer is made Archbithop EJ~a~~j;l:~;~~e~:Pfh~ ~r~~;~~~~~:~ thiS Elrulhis youngcrbrot~er. This Eirtti rei ~11ed Ion ~, VIZ. ~h irty t1ghr years, but very unhapptly. As he was Chnilntd, bcntg a C~ild, by Dunffan_, fomwhat falling cr~ Dunjlan fweats by the Holy Vtrgin, that this will be an utitoward Pnnce . Hcis CrowncdthisyearbyDunftan, lvhopronou(Ked (as theyfay) at his Coronation, t~t l>«auH: he came to the Crown br the ~1urdcr of hiS brother, thcKingdomfbouldnotbcwithoutb1ood-!bed, till a people of afrrangetonguedidinthnll them. 'John the fixtccntb, alias 'J~hn the fifteenth. He fat Popeeightmonths. . T he Danes underllanding of difcord in this land, :md the fubjc& to be difaffedcdtowardstheirPrincc,invadcthisKingdom,doinggrocfpoil, Seethe.firftgrcatVol.p.20'J. Al~:}ohnthelixtecnth. ¥:~~~ Thn~S};~rca~~in~i~~1t0~~bbfr~e tfv11th~f:~: oc~;ih~ ~~ft8g~;;yJ~r, P.207· Againfi