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Jn ExPOSITION ~ pounded, chap. I 7. I 5·) Now after Lutber's preaching, and his Followers, not P A KT 11 • only particular Pcrfons (as before) were dtvtded from the Pope, but whole ~ Nations were rent from him, (as England, Germa11y, Sweden, Scotland, &c.) and his Sea le!lened by a third part and more, and fome of the ten Horns of the Beaft wrung off, fo becoming like as Members when divided fi·om the Body, and (as the Similitude is verf 3· to exprefs that Dtvtfion) as the Blood of a dead M<m. And every living Thing died in thofc Seas divided from him; in that now thofe of the Popifh Fall:ion could not, through the alteration of Religion by Law, live in their Idolatrous Worfhip, fo quietly, (afely, and peaceably, as before. There w.s no free living or breathing for them in thefe feparated King– doms. And in like manner his Spiritual Sea alfo had a Vial poured upon it, even his abominable Doll:rine and Worlhip; as, the Doll:rine of Purgatory, Indulgen– ces, Merit, &c. in which, as in ,&he Sea, hi< Merchants (namely, his Priefis) had brought in Gain, both to themlelves, and to tbe Pope's Cuftom·houfe, (as the Expreffion is, chap. I8. I7.) This Sea of the Beaft's Doll:rine is turned into Blood, and does (like the Blood of a dead Man) begin to putrify and fiink; ye.1, and (which is a fur– ther Plague) to be damnable. Infomuch that thole, who after fo clear a Light of the Gofpel now difcovered, will fhll continue in that Doll:rine, die and perifh eternally. And fo in that fenCe alfo it is true, which is (aid, verf 3· that every livmg thing died in the Sea. And fee how this agrees with the preaching of the third Angel, chap. I4. 9, Io. He preaching, that not only that 7:&me was Ea– b)/on, as the former was, but that if any one did worjhip the Beaft, or his Image, the fame Jbould drinl<_ of the Wine of God's Wrath. And by that Wrath is meant Hell ; for it follows, the Smof<! of their Torments afcends up for ever and ever ; that is, now they fholl be fure to be all damned, who know the Truth, but em– brace it not. And this was a further Spiritual Punifhment upon them, above what their Doll:rine was unto them in former Times, wherein through Ignorance Men remaining, many more of them were faved thon now there are. The Third Vial is upon the Rivers and Fountains; that is, thole who ferve to enlarge, or any way recover that his Sea again, or to fweeten it. They are therefore called Rivers, becaufe as Rivers run from the Sea into the Sea again, fo do thefe. I lhall now explicate both the Rivers and Fountains feverally. Firft, For his Fountains; They are the leifer Springs; and thofe, I. The Spiritual Ones. When the Egyptian Waters were turned into Blood, we read, that they digged Fountains and Wells; and that they alfo were turned into Blood by Mofct. So here, they when their Sea is become bloody, dig Fountains to live in. Which Fountains are their Writings and Writers fince the Reformation, that with Learning and Eloquence, would labour to fweeten and make j!;OOd fame of thei~ Sea-w.aters again, bu~ in vain : Our Writers again confutmg them, and turmng all mto Blood, as It was before. So as, frill thofe among them that fhall read the one and the other, cannot but fo be convinced, that if they perfift ftill in their Doctrine, they will be damned, (as the Curfe is, 2 Thejf2. II, 12.) 2. Their Fountains Temporal and Political alfo. Such we may account thofe Politick Agems, the JefiJits, and others, that have, in all thefc Separated King– doms, attempted to rcil:ore this his loft Power and Jurifdichon. And the lelfer Springs, (namely, particular Perfons) have many ofthem been turned to Blood, whilft Laws enall:ed againft them, (in England, I 58 I. inEo/land, 86. in France, 84- and again in England r6o5.) cut off many of them, and gave them Blood to drink, many of them being martyred; infomuch that they have a Martyro– logy, or Book of Martyrs, even as we have. Thus they have had a juft Re– ward, as tl.•c Angel ji-om the Altar cries, verf 7· that is, True Worfhippers in Churches, who through their Prayers had procured thefe Edicts, and therefore do now return the praife unto God's Juftice, in retaliating to them and upon them. That Phrafe [ji'om the Altar J notes not out Martyrdom, (as fome think)