Goodwin - BX9315 G6 v2

of the RE VEL AT I 0 N. And in that the Angel there calls this Mountain, in an high and tranfcendent ~~ Phrafe, yet of further dtfference, [theM01mtamoj De/Jghtsof Hohmjf] _oras~ Junius turns it, [Mom Decori< Sanlli] [the Mountain of holy Comeliuejt]; it feems in fome way of peculiarity from others, even in that refpecr alfo, to note out a Place, which for Holinefs !hould more eminently be God's Delight, and comely in his Eyes ; where he !hould have a mofl: Holy People, and which he lhould make a Land of Vprightnefl, where his Majefl:y and Glory !hould more eminently !hine. Which place, notwithfl:anding, (for the Tryal of the Wit· neffes in it) God !ball again give up unto the Power of Antichrifl:, there to plant the Tabernacle of hi< Palace, or Throne, (or his Clergy, as Graferus reads it ) ; even as Nebuchadnezzar did his Throne at Taph-hannes, when he had conquerec~ Egypt, as a !ign of that his Victory. By the Conquefl: of which Kingdoms, and regaining them unto him, he !ball feem fo rooted in his Ancient Power, that irJ hope of all the rell, the Whore !hall ling, I an• now no Widow, and that, jufl: before her fall. And yet this prevailing, is but a preparation to Antichrifl's Ruin : For it follows, there in Daniel, Yet he foal/come to his End, and none Jhall help Mm. Which notes out, as that this is to be done jufl: before his End ; fo alfo, that that regaining his Power !hould feem [o to firengthen him, that he fl:tould be, as it were, out of the danger of Ruin, and·as for ever fecure. But this his fuddain Victory, is but as the planting of a Tent, or Tabernacle, in a Field, not to fland pafl: three Years and a half, though that Party, and their Abettors, do in their Hopes think they build for Eternity. But it being of Man's, not God's planting, it !hall therefore come to nothing ; for cvcr;y Plant whichthe Father plants not, foal/ be rooted up.