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17-4_____-:-:-_J-:-:-n:--::E:--:x_P_O-:-s_I-:T:-::I-:-O- N-:----:---:-- ~ Now, 3· by, and through this Earth-quake's falling thus Out in a tenth Part PAl< r 11 · of the City, thi> tenth Part of it is fo fhaken, that it faUs; that is, cealcth to l...... rV'-' be a Part of the City, or to belong unto its Jurilda~tion an) longu; or (which is all oue) faUs off (as we fay) from being of the Number of thole that give their Power to the Beart. Which if it prove to be any of the Prordbnt St..res, that fi10uld yet again (as was laid) embrace the Bealt's Power, and come un– der his Jurirdillion; or in order tu the bringing in again of the Pope's Pu·.vcr, fhould kill thefe Witne!les, and fo thereby become a Part of tlm Cit ) , and he reckoned as pertaining unto its Jurifdicrion; yet now revolting fn.m un- , der the Power of this City, and recuyling again through this Earth-quc~kc, it may truly be faid to ftll; namelv, q11a Vrbn Pars eft, a• it is a !-art vf tf.c C,ty, which it before was, but now ceafeth fo to be, it now utterly renouncing either to belong to its JurifJicrion, or to be of its Party any longer. Anti .;s !::. "th– quakts are from inward Motions in the Bowels of the Earth, fu this here may feem to arife from wnhm that Kmgdom lt fdf; whether through the Sup•eam M.,giftratt's beginning to hate the W!.ore, (as the Promife is, chap. 17.) or the People's ~bominating the Cruelty ~nd Contempt put upon the Witnt!les and their Caufc; their Confcitnces having been enlightncd in the Truth, while thcmfclves v.cre troden under, as the Outward Court, by thtle Gentiles, and fi, rhcycome w f11ake off that Yoke; and the Wirndfes having a Spirit of Life now come in•o them, thtfe take Heart, and join with them and their Cau[c: Whether (I fay) through the working of either, or both of thefe, I cannot dc·ttrmine; but I think, through both; For the rurn of the City (unto which this is at k-af\ the preparation) is to be effelled throug__h <•od's changing one of the ten King', Hearts fo to b.lle the Whore, as to eat her 1-lejb, and h11m her with Fire, Chap. 17. And this Voice (peaking unto the Witne!les out of Heaven, Mr. Mede conj;,/.tures to be that of Supream Authority, with which the People alfu OJ,rll join ; for an Earth-quake certainly notes out a Commotion in the People and Nations. 4· The Effcl.t of this Earth-quake, and Fall of this tenth Part of the City, is the 4illi•;g feven tloufmd of tbe Names of Mm, ( (o it is in the Original). A Phrale, which as thus [Names J and [Men J together, is not fo to be f<>Und in the whole Book of God. By the[e l Names of Men J are certainly delloted out thole, (be it interpreted of whomfoever) that had been the Wit· n<!lcs Enemies, and that had the great Agency and Hand in killing them, and in fubjecting thole Narions unto the Power of the Bean:. Mr. Mede conceives it to be, ov61-""""' o<v~~J.m;,v, [Names of Mm] for [ Mm of Name; l according to the u(ual Phrafe ofScripture, (as [ Ritbes of Grace J for [ Nich Gruce ], &c.) Now by [ Men of Names J in Scripture, is meant Men of Office, Title, and Dignity. So Numb. 16. 2. thole 250 Men, who were Princes of the Con– gregorion, and in Corah's Confpiracy confumed, are calltd, Men of Name ; (fo in the Hebrew) that is, Men of Title and _Dignity. You heard before, how the la[t fort of Enemies unto thcfe Wimeffes, under the fourth Vial, were [et forth unto us by the Type of thofe very Oppofers of .More~ and A•ro11, who were rben the two Witnelfes of the Lord, (as was !hewn in the EXt'Ofit ion of the stb Verfe of this Chapter). Now as there, in Num– bers, the Spiritual Punifbment of many of them, for their Enmity again(\ the Witne!lt's, is noted out by that Fire, which then devoured them: So here a Ci– vil Punilhment fJlls upon rhefe, for having thus killed thefe Witneffes, them– f<.lve' are to be k,jlled ( happly) by being bereft of their· Names and Titles, which are to be rooted out for 'ever, and condemned to perpetual forget– fulnds. This Mr. Mede carries"to Ecclefiartical Dignities under the Papacy, tl1ofe La– ti,,fu Epijl.·op11t111, &c. And for the number 7000, it is an Indefinite Number, and put fi>r M•ny, (as the ufual manner of the Scripture is). And certainly, if thcle Nmm here do prove to be Ecckfiartical Dignities and Titles, the Phrafe here ufnl fits them, and is mort proper for them ; for they ufe it of Themfdves, and when they would in a word or two comprehend all the fevcral Ranks and Orders