Goodwin - BX9315 G6 v2

rvfn ExPOSITION ~(et up, they !hall be renewed, (Rom. 8. 21.) and be delivered into" gloriow P " R T I. Liberty. l...fV'\..) The Church of Men began the Song, and thefe continue it; for it is the Mercy to them is the Matter of their Song, and the Inflauration of their King. And therefore we are the more to be flirred up to do it, in that we fee even ail the Creatures do it, whom it cloth not (o much concern. .And the (o11r Be'!fts faid, .Amen.] And with them the Elders join. Obferve that the Officers do both begin and end• .Amen] ; It Ceems to be an Ordinance, that this word !hould be ufed in the clofe ; and that, firfl, by the Officers, and then by the People. A Precedent for the practice of this, you have likewife in I Cor. 14. 16. Et(e when thou ]halt blefs with the Spirit, how foal/ he that ocCHpieth the room of the 11nlearned, fay Amen 4l thj giving of Than~, feeing he underjlandeth not what thote fayefl ?