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of the RE VEL AT I 0 N. CHAP. IIL ihe Scheme and 'J)ivifion of the 1vbole Prophecy, from tf1e heginni11g of the Sixth Chapter. T . HE·Stage being fet, Chap. 4· and the Prqlog11t acted, Chap. 5· the Pro. phecy it [elf begins, in feveral Scenes and Vifions, Chap. 6. But e're I can proceed to tell you what the fix firft Seals of the 6th Chapter (or any ViGon elfe). cloth concern, I mufl necelfarily give you the Argu· mem, and the Divifion of the whole Book ; which will afford a better profpecr and a more delectable view, than that of the Glory of all the Kingdoms of thi~ World, (although that was made oncein the twinkling of an Eye ) ; for what can be more pleafant, than to have an mfight (though but a general one) in– to what is God's Defign and Project upon the World, in which the Church is [eated and the condition of the Ch11rch it felf, in the World, fince Chrifl's Af.. cenfio~ ? Now this you have as artificially, and in as many Scenes in this Book prefented, as ever Was Story in any Poem. Now for a general infight into this Prophecy, which may ferve both as a Com– pafs and a Chart to us, in failing over this Sea, that ':'e may kno:v flill where we are: I premife thefc general Propofittons or Alferuons concernmg the whole Prophecy. lJrop. 1. That this enfuing Prophecy, from the beginning of Chap. 6. to the end of the Book, contains two Prophecies, diflinct each from other. That Book, mentioned Chap.s. is brought in to reprefent this Prophecy of the Reve– lation (as was !hewed) to be given to the Church, and executed by Chrifl the Lamb and Lion of ']11dab. Now in that Book, two things are diflinctly to be confidered, as given with that Beak. I. The Seals on the back-fide of the Book. 2. The Contents of the Book it fel£ Now, 1. as the Book.. ·contains Matter of Prophecy, fo do the very Seals alfo. And accordingly the Vifions of thofe Seals do take up th'e 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9thChapters. Both Books and Seals are myflerious, and do contain Matter of Prophecy. The very Back-fide, and Cover of thisBook of God, isProphetical. This Book is all compofed of Prophecies; and the ule of the Seals, is not urn– ply to !hew, that the Matter of this Book was difficult to be known, (as in Scripture phrafe a foaled Book imports) but belides, they ferve to contam a Mat• ter of Vifion to be delivered. \ 2diy, Add to this, that anfwerably, verf. 2. f Chap. S· In revealing and de– livering thisProphecy, two Difficulties are diflinctly mentioned: 1. The looGng of the Seals. 2. The opening of the Book. . . . Now 1f the Seals only did import the difficulty bf this Book, it would not . have be~n made a new Difficulty to opm the Book. But it is expreOy made a di– frmct Difficulty to open the Book after the Seals are loofened. This therefore was, becaufe to loofen the Seals, was to deliver one Prophecy ; and to ·open the Book, when thefe Seals were loofened, was to deliver another. 3d/y, Accordingly in the 6th Chapter, when the Lamb opens the firll: Seal, a Vifion is feen, and therein a Prophecy delivered. So when the Second is opened, D there" ~ Chap. 3· ~