Goodwin - BX9315 G6 v2

rv{n ExPOSITION ~ there is mentioned another; and when the third, a third Vifion, and fa on in P A R T I. that Chapter: And the 7th Seal produceth !even Angels with !even Trumpets; ~ fix of which are recounted from Chap. 8. to Chap. 10. and the fevemh Trumpet Obferv. is in the end of the llthChapter. In the fecond place ; When thefe Seals are, the one of them after the other, taken off, and the Peophecy and Vi!ions of thole Seals feen and ended, then an Angel comes with a little Book._ (alone, without Seals) opm, Chap. 10. 2. as con– taining a New ProphecJ for ']oh11. Now when that thiS firO: of the Seals was paft, then accordingly :joh11 was bidden to eat it, verJ 9, 1 o. to be enabled for a New Prophecy. So, verJ I r. it is expreOy laid, Th011 n111ft prophejj again, before mnnJ Tong11e1 and King1. And becaufe a New Prophecy was upon the eating of that Book to begin, hence, verJ I 8. 'tis laid, The fw" Voice 2vhich he had heard be– fo•e, did JPea/z front Heavoz "gain. Now that Vo;cc, or Speech, he had heard but twice before, and 'twas both times whenas a New Prophecy was given ; once when the Revelation fir£1: began, and the Epiftles to the feven Churches, {bap. r. verf. ro. And then another Time, when this General Prophecy begins, Chap. 4· verf. r. (which is diftin/.1: from that Prophecy of the fcven Epi!1:les, in the three fir£1: Chapters, which is peculiar to the Seven Churches). And now again, Clup. ro. verf. 8. as beginning a new and third Prophecy. In that the Seals thcmfelves do thus contain a Prophecy ; Obferve, That in God's Book nothing is without a meaning. Chri£1: f.1id, Not atittle of it fbaU paft ; let it not therefore palS us. The very Cover here is Prophetical ; much more does every word written in it, contain Matter of-In!1:rul.1:ion. Search the Scriptures narrowly, and Oight not a tittle ofthem, though you underftand them not. There is enough in what you underl'cand, to admire ; and in what you underftand not,to adore; as judging it the Word of the Great God, every fylla– ble of which has its weight and value. 'Propojtio" 2. That both thefe Prophecies, both Seals and Book-Prophecy do run over the fame whole courfe of Tinm, from Chri£1:\ Afcenfion unto his King– dom ; containing in them feveral Events and Occurrences fucceffively, from that Time to this of his Kingdom, with which this Book ends; namely, the Seal– Prophecy, from Cbap. 6. to Chap. 10. doth acr over one Scory of all Times to the end of Time; and then the Book-Prophecy, fromChap.r2. (beginning at the fame Time again) cloth all: over another Story of all the fame Times, unto the end. So that the f.1me whole Race of Time is run over in both, but with feve– ral and diftinll: Occurrences; even as the two Books of ihe ICing1 and Chronicle~, do contain the Stories of the fame courfe of Time from Da11id unto the Capti– vity. But the Book._ of tbe Kings, handlesmo£1: the Affairs of the ICi"g' of If rael; and that of the Chronic!<~ more eminently holds forth the Story ofthe ICing1 of 'J•dah. Now to demonftrate this apart; firl'c of the Seal-Prophecy, and then of the .Book-Prophecy. I. For the Seal-Prophecy; lay but thefe three things together, (whereof the two fir£1: were never denied by any) and the Point in hand will necelfarily follow. rft, That in the 6thChapter the fix Seals do begin; with a Prophecy, either from Jol"''s Time, or from ChriO:'s. To prove this, behdes thole Evidences, which when we come to interpret them, will more evidently appear, as that the fir£1: Seal beg· \s with Chri£1: his going forth in preaching the Gofpel, fo to lay the fir£1: Foundation of his Kingdom ; which going forth, refers to thofe Primitive Times : As alfo that in the fifth Seal, you have the fir£1: mention of the bloody Perfecution of the Saints, profeffing the GofpJ, in the fame Primitive Ttmes; which appears by this, that they are told, that when the re£1: of their J;lretbren, by the fucceeding Perfecutions, !hould be kill<;d, thry then !hould have