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of tl)e R EV E L A T I 0 N. have vengeance upon their Enemies for their Blood fpilt; which argues thefe in~ the 6th Chapter, to be thole fzrft Pojc11tiom : befides thefc Evidences ( I fay ) ~ tt appeors more generally, bccaufe the Prophecy it felf does but here begin, all in the former Chapters being but a Prologue and a Preparanop. And It begins with John's Time at leaft; for, Ch<~p. r. 1. he lays, he was to fhew to Chrift's Servant,, things which jbould Jbortly come to paft: the things contained in this Prophecy, entring into an Accomplilhment prefently upon John's writing them, anJ divulging them to the Churches. The fecond thing (which allo none ever denied) is, That thefe Seals and Trumpets, which do in order focceed one another, do contain a continued Prophecy of Events following one another in a fitcceffion of Ages downward. To this purpofc you may obfcrve the phrafe ufed Ch"P· 10. 7· [ lnthe d,'JS of the Voice of the fcventh Tmmpet, tvhen it }lull begin to jouncl] which imports, That theft fcvcral Trumpets do (as Scenes in a Comedy) fhareamong them, the feve· r.d Ai(tS anJ Times fitcceeding one another. And in like manner the Seals have tleir Dtp, even as the refl: of the Trumpets h•ve their D''J! proper, and pecu– liarly given tO them. And look how in order they are plJced, one before the other, as firfl:, fecond, and third, &c. fo do the feveral Timts or Ages precede or fitccccd one the o:her: So as the D.tys of the fo"{l Seal are the firfl: Age, and things Jone in that Age after John, and lo on the lccond Seal, &c. gd0•, Add to the two former, this Conficlcration, That the leventh Trumpet, in the 1 Ilh Chapter, cloth end all Time, and fo becomes a Period to one diftincr Prophecy of all Time. This appears from Cl•<~p. 10. after the Sc"ls were pa!fed over and feen with their EffeCts, and the fix Trnmrers had founded in the 8tb and 9th Chapters afore-going ; The Angd f11 ears, 1·erJ 6, 7· of that · tenth Chapter, that Time Jbo~tld be 110 longer; but in the D <!)'S of the flventh Tmmpet, all f1:10uld be fini[h'd. And therefore, 11. from verf I 5· (where the fevemh Trumpet is brought in founding in it< order, when his Day and and turn comes to found) muft needs be eftecmed the End of that Prophecy ; for it b1 ings you to the End of ,tfl Trmcs; that is, of the Times which God thought fit to allot this World, and his Enemies in the World, to Rule and Heign. Firft, The Monarchs and great Men of the World, arc to have their Ttme here; and then Chri(\'s Time, and the Time of his Saints, i; tO begin ; es Ver[ 15. [The KingclomJ of thi< Worlcl, are become the lCingclomsof our Lore/, ancl of bh Chrift, &c.] and VCJj. 18. [The Time of the Deacl i< come, tbat tley fbortlcl be j~tdgecl]; when this World's Hour-Giafs is run out, then thar of another World is to be turned up to run, when there !hall be a New Heaven, and a New Earth. So that, from the firfl: Seal to thefevcnth Trumpet, is run over all the Time that the Monarchies and Kingdoms of this World ( wbilfl: they lhould be in the Honds of Chrift's Enemies) lhould continue and !aft. For that is the Time, which towards the End, under the fixth Trumpet, the Angel thot came down under that fixth Trumpet, (ware, foou/cl be no lcnger. l lhalllct down the words of his Oath, in the 6th and 7th Verfes ofthat 1oth Chapter; He fwearrth by Him t/,,t liveth for ever and e-<·er, (that is, by God) rrbo cretlfecl the HM· vm, the Earth, m;c/ the Sea, and the Things that ore in all thefe his three Do· minions, \l:[Jat tbere ll)Otl!O be 'l[.ime no !Ott!JCC, VerC 6. 'lOUt in tbe iDav~ Of t(Je feutnt!J li!nrrel, when he !hall begin to found, the Myftery of God fhot;ld be filti!T)eU; as he hath declr1red to hi< Servants the Prophets, ver[ 7· Which whole Voice, or Words, of the ltxth Angel, do import, 1. That much of that whole Ttme, had now been pan and run out already in the former Vilions of the Seals and Trumpets, fi·om the firft until now; And, 2. that now the time allotted by God was brought well nigh to the very !aft Sands of it. And that the Church might have fame warnine, and be able to make fame guels, and compute when this Time of the World's Monarchy, or Kingdoms of the World, fhould have an end ; and fo, when the Time of the Gentiles fhonld be fulfilled, and be no longer, this Angel doth, towards the expiration of that whole Time, give us, in the t llh Chapter, the true computation of that iime, during which the lafl: Monarchy (you know there are four) on Earth !hould endure, as tb~t which D ~ migh'