Goodwin - BX9315 G6 v2

'20 rv/n ExPosiTION ~might ferve us to compute the Period ofthe whole, and the beginning ofChril1's P A R T I. vifible Kingdom, even the Days of the Beafl, or Pope, who is the lali part, ~ with his ten Kingdoms of E11rope, treading down the Church, or Holy Ctty; which Beafl:, and his Kingdoms, fupporting him as their Head ; and whofe Time, from his firfl: beginning, to the near approach of that feventh Trumpet, (which fitall begin to found not long after, or but a little afore his very end) is forty and two Months ; or (which is all one) one thonfmd two hundred and th•·eefcore Days ; that is, fo many Years. And with him all other Rule and Dominion on Earth !hall end ; and Chrifl !hall take the Kingdom, when he !hall have defl:roy– ed Antichrifl through the brightnefs of his coming, which will grow brighter, as hiscominf( is nearer. And withal, this Angel gives a fignal of Occurrences; which fhould immediately forerun the Period of thisTime of bis Ruin, whereby the Church might with fome nearnefs difcern his approaching Ruin; which he does, in that 1 Ifh Chapter, by prefcnnng the Face of that Church, whtch (hall be before the downf.1l of that Kingdom, and the !aft Perfecution of the Church by the Beafl:, foregoing his Ruin, that fo the Church might have both warning, and not think it flrange at the fiery Trial, which at lafl: was to come upon them l as alfo to be comforted, for it !hould be the lafl:; and foon after it, the ending of all Time, together with that of the World's Kingdoms. The fecond part of the forefaid General Propofition, Jliz. That there >r a New 7 1rophecy that runs over the fame whole Race of Time, front the beginning to the end of the World's Monm·hies unto Chriji's Kingdom, be– ginning at Chap. 12. and {o on to the md of the Boo~{, Now then the Prophecy of the Seals, which runs over the whole Time of the World's Monarchies, being thus ended, chap. 1 r. there begins another Pro– phecy .r chap. 12. which runs over the fame whole Race and Period of fimes, though with other Occurrences. And this is the other part of this General Propofition, which I demonf!rate thus, (as I did the former). Firjl; The 12th Chapter begins a :J(ew 'Prophecy; not only becaufe that the other having ended all Time, this mnft needs begin again anew: But further, the Vifion of the Woman and the Dragon in the 12th Chapter, mufl: needs be of things foregoing the Rife of Antichrift, (the Beali in chap. 13.) and there– fore concerneth the Primitive Times, which were the Times before Antichrift. This is proved thus; The Dragon mentioned chap. 12. endeavouring to devour the Woman, is caft down from Heaven ~ after which, fl:riving to drown her with a Flood, he is prevented: and then ]ohn fi:<lnding (as the bell Copies read it) upon the Sand of the Sea, [pies this New Beaft anGng, and the Dragon gives his Throne and Power umo Him, rhap. 13. All this therefore which is in the 12th Chapter, muft necefEli·ily contain a Story of things done before the rifing of Antichrift, and fo by confequence muft belong to the PrimitiveTimes, as the particular Interpretation will make more clear. Sec011dly; Add to this, That unto this Beafl:, from his firfl: riling in the 13th Chapter, there is allowed him to continue 42 Months, or 1260 Years; which is the very f.1me Period ofTirne; upon the expiring of which the Seventh Trumpet begins; which (as you heard) had ended all Time before, chap. 11. 15. and then the 14th Chapter which follows, contains the State of the Church during the Times of the Beafl:, in their feparation from him, and oppoGtion of him. And then chap. 15, and 16. contain Seven Vials to ruin this Beail; where– of the !aft doth end all Time again, even as the feventh Trumpet had done. And this is proved ; 1. In that, as when the fcventh Trumpet !hould found, the Angel [ware, Time Jhould be 110 longer: So when the feventh Vial is poured out, chap. 16. v, 17. a Voice C•ys, It i< dum ; that is, Time is at an end, all is finifhed. 2. lt is !;,id, rhap. T5· r. that thefe Vials contain the !aft Plagues, in which the Wrath of God is fulfilled; and therefore mull: neceifarily make an end of all Chrifl:'s