Goodwin - BX9315 G6 v2

The PREFACE. 2 , It is prefenced in one uniform, e;uire, and general Condition, ji<ititiO' witlrall thofe Times of it, firft and /aft, botl> Mwithin it felf, it partakes of lik~ PrilJiled•es all that time, and efpecially alfo i11 relation to tbe exewtion of Plagues"'and Prmi{hments (poured out of the {ewu Vials) on tl>e Enemy· of the Church, wbom thu True Church is to be the Iuftrrtment of !i\._uining. And both theje ways the Holy Ghoft hatb been pleafed to reprejent the Story of it. The Church's uniform and alike Conditic;m entirely fet forth to~ gether, Chap. 1 5, a6. 77 ~. 1hu fame eutire Condition of it, during all thii long Time (M I tdke it) u jet fartb in tbe 1 5th and 1 6th Cb<~ptm. 2. In the 15thCbapter, u jet fortb tbe common, uniform, and like State Chap. I ). of tbe Church all that tvhile. 1. As witl>itl it felf, from verf. 1., to the 5th. 1.. l1Hhe common ami !tke De(criptiau of t/;e Angels or Powers out of tl,e Vials tvhicb come ottt of thafe Churches, from verf. 6, to the end. Which !i\._e– pre(eutatio>l of the Church, and of theje Angels all tl.>at wi,ale Time, u a!f~ made Mthe immediate Sign, great and wonderful (or the Fare rrtmur) of the New Jerufalem, lJerf. 1, z. Tbere being after thefe Vials, and thu State of the Church, a more glorious State of it to come; which, verf. 5. u cat7ed, The opening the Temple of the Tabernacle, ( fo called by way of diftinElion from tl>e 1emple of the fewn Angels ) M tvberein the Ark ([/>rift himfelf) is to befeen, MChap. 11. lJ.Iaft. Which umil theVtals are all poured out, ftands llailed, Mthe Holy of Holies did. Aud fo thu pre– feut State of the Church ( whicl> u t/;e Temple out of tvhicl> the {ellm Angels come forti>, verf. 6. ) holdeth but 'the Proportion am/ Albt{ion of the inward Cortrt of t/Je Priefts unto the Holy of Holies in the Jetvifh Temple, in companjon tmto that other Church or Temple to come afrerrhis, Mveri. 5· fpeaks• .And fo the Ereilion of it is made the Sign or immediate Fore·rttn11er of thu Holy of Holies, Mverf. 1, and 5· compared, do elJidmtly jhew. And tbett, 2. in the 16thChapter,yott haw the executiotl and portring out ofChap. 16. , tl>efe few>z Vials by the An.gds out of thuChurch or Inner Temple,ereEled from the firft Separation from Antichrist; all a/Qtl,g thofe times uuto the New jerufalem, which in their fewral Orders and Succejjions, are ill one lJino. exhrbited in that 16thChapter. The various Condition of the Church, fcatteredly prefertted i~ three parts. Now, i. although tl>u commau uniform Condition of the Church all this time, is fe't thus (in relation to the executimz of thofe Vials 011 the Enemies ) in mze entire view, in tl:e 1 5th and 16th Gapters ; yet that other lJarious Condi– •tion of tJ,e Church, Min refpeEl to its O>vn particular and diwrfe State iu all thnje times, tl>e Holy r;Jhoft tvM pleafed lJarioufly, mzd i11 [ewral places of this Prophe&y tO dejcribe and jet forth (M beft je;iting to a fpecial End and Oc– cafio>l )•ytt tvith fuel> infallible [harailers of their Times, of the Vials they belong U>fro, an.! alfo unto rvhat "funes of eac~ V!al, M.~amzo£ decerw ru. 1),114,