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The PREFACE. '· Part in Tin~& the Firft Part of the St01y of the 1wio110 Condition of the Church du- ~~;f,·v,-~j.·6. l'i>~ the fottr .firft Vials, u jet forth Chap. 14. from the 6th Verfe to· the w~>crc be· end. At Jvhtch 6th Verfe, tiJe feparatton of the True Church {rw1 Ant!– gms i·" s,. chrif1: begi>!Jii•~, there began alfo the firfttreE/;ion of True Churches, or the r,::,~;";,~pc- Temple, (jirft made mention of in that Cbapter) 1ohmWaldus and hu Com– 'Y· pmry firft fell off from Rome. · And the reafon 1ohy thu IVM firjl do>Je, e're the Vi(io11 of the V>als IDM prejented, IVM, becarife it WM meet to flmo /,ow the TemplewM jirft built and reared,e're thejeW11 Angels and their Vials poured forth out of thuTemple fhould be mwtioned. And therefore Chap. 14. Jlmvs that jirft Part of the ChurGh's Story in all its jirft comings fort/, from Ami– chrif1:, and laying the Foundation of Churches ; but then it buak.s off at the Times of the fourth Vial, for that fo far proceeds the !J?.gfonn.1tlon of the True Church, Mit rejpeE/;ed a Jeparation from Amichrifl:, and Jo rnns a– lmw rvith juc/," Vials M fhould by degrees firft ·prepare for /m !JI.!tin, M the th1~e or fow· jirft Vials do. 'Bttt then, 2. the next ftate of the Church, from tl>e time of the fourtb . Vt,d to the fifth Vial, (when Antichrif1:'s Time of 4 :t Months u to expire) ; That the 11rh Chapter (which comes in M a Chronology, to (hew the end and expiring of thofe Times of Ami-chrill:) doth ft~Pf/y the Story of it, from ver[ 1, to 14. And this St01y comes in there, rather tbmt here mChap. 14- becatife that tvM to be Man immediate Sigual of Amichrifl:'s 'IJownfal; and jo comes in moft jitly there in that 1 1rh Chapter, that Chapter being i>t• tended M mt exaCt Chronology or Computation ofthe Times ofthe 13eaft's"!J\fign, to the end it 111ight be dtjcemed when his Ttme jhould end ; and Jo, the imme-, diate Sig11 afore it u tberefore annexed, for the Church's wamin.g and comfort againft tbe approaching of the time of /,u ending, and a fatal prel!ailin.g of Ancichrill: ol!er them jtifl afore. And fo the Story of that 1 1rh Chapter doth i11deed l·egin,tobere that 14th Chapter endetl,,or about the fame time. A11d M the 14th Chapter prejented ttS tvith the Story of the !Ji..!formatiou of the Church, from Amichrif1: and hir Falfe Church: And jo, tvhat beftl the Chmchduring that time, fo the 11rh Chaprer'begins tvith a New rJ?.!formati– ott of the !J\fformedChurches amo11g themfel'Ves, and 1ohat jhould befal them ttpon t!.at i'J\.eformation; name!J, the killi1~ thi Wiwejfes, between the fourtb Vial and the filth, or (at the utmoft) before the {txth Vial• .A11d then the third part of the Church's Story, from after the fifth Vial; tmtil the New Jerufalem, (tvhicb New Jerufalem begins Chap. 10. of the Book-Prophecy, and Chap. 11. verf. 15. of the Seal-Prophecy) the 19rh Ch1prer prefents tu with it! its due place: For the 17th and 18th Chapters bei1~, the one but an ExplanatiOII 1oho IVtU the 'Beaft, and wl>ere hio Seat tvM, that fo the Church might be able to difcern thu Amichrifl:; and the other bei1~ a Funeral S01~ for tbe pouri11g out of the fift/, Vial, 1vhm t/;i Seat of the 'Beaft, the Whore (the [ity defcrihed in the 17th Chapter) io ruined, whw al{o Amichrif1:'s .E(ingdom (M it u moft probable) doth end: Therefore jitly after both thefe 'Digre(Jiom, comes in, in its due order, the State of the Church from the time of that fifth Vial, or the ~ti>t of tl1e City, unto tbe New Jcrufalem. And tl>erefore the 19th Chapter, ver( 1. thus be– <~ins, And after thefe -things, I heard the Voice of an innumerable Company, &c. that u, after the ~1i11 of the [ity and Whore, defcribed in Chap. 17. and mimd Chap. 18. and fo goes on to defcri~e £be State of that Clmrcbtben, tmtil the New Jerufalem. NJ>P