Goodwin - BX9315 G6 v2

The PREFACE. Now to fum up all. .As tl1e Sto1y in the 14th Chapter, co>ltainet!J t/ 1e fir(l <'l{eformation and SeparatioJ! o"f theChurch fromAntichriR, in je1>eral degrees; and the 11th Chapter cont~ineth a [econd !J\ef ormatioJz of the Church withi11 it felf from prophane mtxttlre; jo tl>ff 19th Chapter con– tains a third iJI....efonnatioJl Perfonal, of the Saints tlmnfelws in it, M then tvith might and main preparing and ador.ning themfelws for the Marriage of the Lamb, ( tvhich thm they jhafl e1>ulently fee approachmg, .now 1Vhe1z the Whore i5 caft off and burnt ) and there yot; may fee them ,gettmg afl the fine Linnen they can, that ir, of Holine[S and grotvth in grace, L the Righ– teoulnels of the Saints J : that fo, their Lord and Husba>td mig;l1t greatly delight in their 'Beauty, M ;ou may fee verf: 7, 8. .And thu ir tbe true gene~ ral coher mce and order of IV hat yet remains to be interpreted. The Particular Synchronifm of the feveral Vifio11s and Contents of all thofe Chapters : And firfr at the 14th Chapter, from -ver}:6, with the 15th ~nd 16th, to its8thVerfe. NOW becau[e, according to thi<r 1Ji1>iji01z, and ,general Scheme giwn, the Vijions of the 15thand 16th Chapters (namely, thofe of the Vials) do run along the f ame tvbole courfe of 1ime t!Jrougl> diwrs .Ages, that the Vi(ronsof the 14th Chapter, from verf. 6. and alfo of the 11th Chapter, to verf. 15. and of the 19th Chapter al[o do, (.though the one in a>l uniform continued way, tl>e other i11 a featured fi;ccejjiw reprefemation of the (hurch's Condicio11, all along the fame traEl of 1ime througl> mmry .Ages) : 1/Jerefore it will be expedtent tojhew, which of tiJtje [e11eral parts of thef e tiVO !JI....eprejimta– tions do jjnchroni:<_! and fall Otlt together i11 the fame.Age, and which of them do [ucceed each other. I wifl therefore a little more partimlarly Jet Lgether the Jeveral parts of thefe Stories; both of that of the {e1>e11 Vials, which are pt<t togetl>er, Chap, 1 5, and 16 ; and thofe other [e1>eral Pieces, and Jcattered Pajfa,ges of thofe other Chapters, in all their due Times M they fell out together. 1. That fame Temple filled with Smoak, Chap. 15. 8. (out of. wl>ic/, come the fewn .Ar!gels) I conceiw to l>al>e bem begtm to be Jet up in the Tanes of tl>e firft Separatioll from AntichriR, Chap. 14. 6. Whm alfo the Bverla[ii11g Gofpel WM begUJl diftinEl/y to be preached, bot/, by Wal– dus and hio Foflowers, who did ereEl True Churches unto (hrift, (M the Hijloryof theWaldenles fhews) when tl1o[e Harpers 011 the Gla!Iie Sea, Chap. 15. began more dijlinElly to ling the Song of 5Uofes and the Lamb ; that ir, the 1Jo[/;rine bot/, of the Latv and Gofpel, which tl>e 144ooo in tl>e darker 1imes of Popery had but muttered, alld that fo con– fufedly, M none COJtld ledm it. For thio, compare Chap. 14. 6, 7· witli Chap. 1 5. 3, 4· So that, the 1JQElrine of the gofpel, mzd the EreElion of tl1eTemple, out of which the Vials. dQ come, and ~he Separation from Pope1y da all begm together: 79