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8o The PREFACE. t. lhu ereEtion of the Temple, awl preparation being tlms made b)' the fi'ft Angel, Chap. 14. 6. tiJe jirft Vial out oj that Temple, Chap. 16, 1, 2. beganrvith the Voice of the Jecond Angel, Chap. •4· 8. So that the jirft Angel, Chap. 14. 6. Jets up th~Temple, and the fecondAngel brings forth tbe firft Vial. And therefore accordmg~, the Voice of thar Angel, chap. '4· ~. u, Babylon is fallen, Babylon is fallen; that is, norv is the jirfi Foundation of her !J(uin laid, (M in opening the Vials, I jhall after– jhew) or, rzow do thoje Vials begir1, rvhich ]hall be her !J(uin. Th, fecond Vial, Chap. 16. 3. follows with the Voice or Cry of the third .Angel's preaching, Chap. 14- 9· then when theSea of .lfruichrijl's1JoEtrine w.u both prowd and pronotmced damnable by Lmher's 1JoElrine, and the H~lters which the Whore fate on fell from her, that u, thofe 1\pzgdoms and ( ommon-Wealths, which had jubjeUed themfelws unto her. For this, com– parethe Year of Lmher's preaching, recorded Chap. 14. 9, 10, 11. and that j econd Vial, Chap. 16. The third V~<~l, Chap. 16. 4· hat/, been /'?ttring ottt jince that Hari>efl began, Chap. 14. 14. jince the Summer-Weather, and (etled peace of the ~formedChw·ches, meant by Rivers and Founcains, (.u irz the opening the meaning of that Vial, will ai'f'ear). The fourth Vial, Chap. 16. 8. (I take it) began about the time of the Vintage, Chap. ·14. 18. whereof thu to me is all infallible Chara/J:er, that r.n Angel who had Power over Fire, is [aid to excitt tmto it. l{ow, Chap. 16, 8. Tbe fourth Angel, who pormd out tbu fourth Vial, u }aid, ro have Power given him to fcorch Men with Fire. .And fo that 1)e. 1Jefcription, Chap. 14. 18. u of tiJe fame Angel, to fhetv tbat theje two (the Jourtb Vial, and tbu Vintage) fall in t!Je fame times : and fo, it u eJJi– dently e)!inced, that the 14th Chapter, and the times of it, reach but £0. tbe fourtb Vial. T he Synchronifm of the Vifion of the 1 Ith Chapter~' in the Age between the Fourth and Fifth Vial; and of the 17th and 18th Chapters,withthe Timesof the Fifth Vial: and of the 19th, with the Age af– terthe Fifth Vial unto the j\(e'JP feru{alem. -· COme we ttext to the 1Jth Chapter. Wbicb, Firl1:, tmder the Seal-Prophecy, begins (now abotlt the Times of tbe Fourth Vial) afore the expiration of the World's .Ytionarchy, An– ticlmjl's 1imes, and the Clmrcl}s Opprejjion, and before the 7th Trumpet, !VIJich blorvs, veri. 1 5. And it begim tvitb the reprefenting the Temple oj theiR,sformatiou, the fame tvhich the 14th Chapter had reprefemed, (out of wiJtcb the Angel, zmtb bu Stckle for the Harwft, did come, veri. 1 5· of Chap. 14. ) in which thcfe IR,sformers, 1vbo ere£led that Temple in the 14th Chapter, having committed thio Error, to lay an out1vard (ourt unto it, (John there bearing the Perfons of ~ht:, God~ of ~bis Age) ~re biddm to meafur~