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The PREFACE. llzeafiir'e that Temple anew; M _not .ful!y confOrmed to tl~e Patt~ni,. and.toc~ff out the outward Cot1rt. .Ami fa, tt contams afurther !R._ejomlatwlt of the Tern: pie illthat '.4th Chapter ereEled. .And it& in t/;e Vint~ge, <;:hap. 14. thi P~pifh Gwttles had (M tv.u jmd) trod down the Grapes 1n Germany : fo here, Chap. t 1. verf. 1. ·the lik.e Outtvard Court 11i ot/;er (burches elfe· where, u uiwn unto theft t;jentiles to tread dotvn; and foi wtt/; t/;at exploit t~ end tl1eir date of treadil!g dotvlt ifj: Holy (ity for 4~ Months, (or 1 i6o Years) with thi6 their t•e-entry, whtcb fha/1 be thetr ldjl upon the Clmrches of the lf(eformatiOil. And fo yotl fee the 1 1 th Chapter begim, where the 14th Chapter ends. Then, juondly, \'terf. 5, 6. of thilt Chapter, (in the dejcriptio11 of t/;e Wtmejfes) yati Jitrtlmmore exprefly have the firft four Vials briefly fummed up : and no niore of them, than the firft fottr mentioned t/;erein', to jhew that tbcfe l.flimejJes i1t tbefe latter 1iims of their Prophecy, are t/;e fame with thoft Aiigels t!Jdt pow mlt the Vials; G_hap. 16.. And obferw, that that nie!ltion , of i/jenicomes in bttt by tvay of Parenthejis i11 thu Speec/; of the A1igel umo J olm, that he migl;t difcern -who they were; and lv10w them again in thu l{yw Book-Prophecy ; aitd all to thh end, to [hew tvhat after thefe four Vials, or ji'omthe time of the Fourth, and before the Fftll .fhould befal them, in the expiril!g of the t 2. 6o Years allotted them to prophejy in in Sackclot/;, or .in a mourml!g conditioii.j which now fhould end with the 'Beaft's fl?..eign alfo, rbliidi ends with the Fift/, Vial. Alld jo, ver£ 7· whm they fha/1 be about to fi– nif/J their Teftimony, (that io, juft now, at tl1t e1idjrig of thtir Ptophecy) thej fonmrly haw had the power to execute four Jttcb Vials on the 'Beafi's Com: pmry already, mujt notv, before they·do fatally dark.m aml owrcome hu f\il!g· dom by the fifth Vial, be the1itjelws once 1nord'\lercom~ by the'Beaft. Wbich · killing of them, being till# mentioned after four of the Vtals, jiumned tip verf. ~, 6. and ill the elld of their Prophecy, a11d in.the -v·erj e'xpirilig of their time of Mottming, mttjl needs therefore be from after, ot tipoll ihe time of tM fourth Vial, aizd before the Fifth, or at fdrtheft wit!Jtbe Jixth. And tlmt, verf. 13. the WitnejJes they rije, and the tenth part of the City falls; which fome have i11terpreted to be the fifth Vtal, the rJ\!iin of the City of Rome. :but of that hereafter in the Expo(ttion. After tl>at, verf. t 4· the jeeond Wo pajfith away; rvhich riote's tlie re– moving of the Turki~> Power and Tyramry ( tvhic/1 WM the Jecond Wo; or jixth Iiumpet, fpok.en of Chap. 9; n, 1 3.) whic/1 u all one with the jixth Vtal, ,Chap. t6. the d1ying up the rJ/,j1ier Euphrates, or the preparatirm unto it, M in the Expojition will appear. 17,e11 follotvs the je-vem/1 Trumpet, Chap; 1 i. t 5; to tl!e end; at rvbitli time the [e-venth Vial begins, M u evide11t, by comparing the 9th -verfe of Ch 1p. 1 1. a1td Chap. t6. ~ 8, and 2.1 verfes: M aifo Cha.p. t a. 7· ill that 'tu faid i11 oize place, tl1at Time iliall be no longer, t/,att until the feventh Trumpet blows, aild i11 tl1e other, le is done, (Jays the Voice) whe1t the fe-vwth Vial u poured out; · Chap. 16. 17• .And laflly, As under t/;e fewnth Trunipet comes iri tlie Holy of Holies, wi,ic/1 (M WM faid) u tlte openilig the 1abernacle of the Teftimony ill Hea– ven, i11 whic/1 the Ark. h feen, Chap. 1 1. t 8. fo you may readChap. 1 5. 5• tbat after tbe Vtals, (be Jays there, fMToc 'ro<u'J1X, after thefe Things) this. Temple of the Tabernacle of the 1eftimollJ i11 Heaw11, i5 faid to be M opencd. ..,.,