Goodwin - BX9315 G6 v2

82 The PREFACE. opene4• That Temp/~ out of whicb the Vials come, being but M the I>lward Temple w/,ic/1 wM begrl>l to be mEleJ. (for elfe they badno True Churches ) from the firft Separation, br~t polluted with the adjoini>Jg of .the Outward Court by the rJV:formers. 13ut u11der the Times of the fourt/, V~al, thu Temple u tneafured and purged, and that (ourt caft out, Ch:lp. 1 1. 1. now endi>~g in the Holy of Holies fucceeding it. • 13ut where.u ftill what fhould befal the Church from the 1ime of the ri– ft•~g of the Wltnejfes, (whicb falleth out about the Jiftl> Vial) u not exprejfed in that 11th Chapter, nor what fhould be the Church's Condition from that fpace between the fifth Vial, and the fevmth Trumpet, and Holy of Holies : 13ut we are fti.ll to feek. that, for the 1 1 th Chapter does Jetly defcribe only what bejel the Church juft afore the expiring of the 11\.eign of Amichrill:, M aSig•zal added for t!Je Church's Warni11g: Therefore thu Part the 19th Chapter fupplies, (the 17 and 18 Chapters being but a larger Explication of the fifth Vial (M all agree) name[y, the ~;in of the (ity) the Jirft Verle ofwhicb begi11s thm ; After rhele things,I law an innumerable Company in Heaven, prailing God for rhe Downfal of the Whore, (at large Jet Jortb Chap. 17, and 18.) and therefore it 111ujl needs jet forth the State of the CI>Urch 11ow after the fifth Via/until the Sevent/,, (.u in the Expojition will appear). ,And then t!Jat great 13attel, at the Lamb's Marriage-Supper, which.follows in that Chapter, how t.hat agrees with the Jeventh Vial, let mry one judg, that jha.ll read Chap.. 16. from the 14th VeJfe to the end, and Chap. 19. from the 1 1 rh Verle to the end. And tiJeJt come in the 1 ooo Years, and New Jerulalem, Chap. 10. 11, 11, which u all one with the Holy of Holies, '' r,~;• l t . ( ' (.(. ,,_~\ \ 'c\·1 ···' 1.. ,,;\,1 I -<j•• \!SI'(~ ( :;.J; "J ~ ~\'~· The End of the Prefac<:. '' ,_ f - _-. '·' _, .. ' 1. \ <'