Goodwin - BX9315 G6 v2

AN EXPOSITION OF THE REVELATidN6 PART· II· CHAP. t The Thirteenth Chapter explained, froni Vet[e tldi 6th to theend: ' having ordered and' call thefe Chapters, remaining ~.; be expounded, Into this Mould : I begin this ExpoGtion' here, where the Story of the Church's firfi Separation' from Anticbti!t doth indeed begin, (where alfo'I brake off the Firll Part of this Expofition ). . In which my ranking of thefe Chapters was {hewed,: Thatas the i3th Chapter does throughout f<:t forth the Condition of the Falfe Antichriftian Ch'urch,' and the . feveral forts of that Company which (hQII cleave to the · Beafr : So that this 14thChapter does in like mai:mer fet forth the Cpmpany of True Believer5, which !halt apart by themfelves cleave unto the Lamb, and that,' in thofe feveral Conditions which they are to run through. As, I. The Condition of the Church in the dork Times of P'opery ; from'his' firfr riling, until the Gofpel's Light did break fort~ more clearly, and a Separa– tion was made from the Church of Antichrifr. And this (as ( have opened it) you have from the ifl verfe unto tbe6th. . , , .. Or, 2. The Conditionof the Church from that fii:fr Separation froin Pope 7 ry, and Believers ereaing Churches and Affemblies by themfelves, tcom·verf.6.' to the end. Which now begins to be expounded. . And ,the fcope of the .Holy .Gholl in this remainder of ~hap. 14:. is but to: thew by what degrees the Gofpel lhould.firfr l?reak forth, and how Churches. lboula at fir!l: be erected, and a glorious Reformation made. And fo, it reach– eth no further than till'the Tiines of that prevailing again of the Beafr,•wqich'. M' 2· a!i:ei 8' 3 -