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TO THE READER. merriebookes of Italic, then by your earneft booker ofLouaine. This com- plaintought wifemen to confiderwellof,for thatthe worldwas neuermorefull of Italian conceites, nor men more in danger for the long contempt ofGods trueth to beItalianared. Thedietand cureof foules afflictedis averygreat my- fterie,whereinbut fewhaue trauelledtoreduce that matter intoanygood forme ofart,orto givevs anygood method ofpraétife. M. Luther, M.Be a, Vrbanus Rhegius, M.Taffin, and others,hauevery excellent formesof confolation; and manygodlybrethren in ourtimes haue miniftred good helpe for thecure of foulesafflided : but wanting art and good experience, we conceiuethe danger to be great,andoften (asblind Empyrikes) caufe itto be greater ; for thatwera- thergeffevncertainlie to appliegoodremedies; and fpeeches vntothe ficke, then knowhow toproceedeby any certaineruleof art,andwellgroundedppraétife.If 'oAf.),,2 thenatural! Phifition might truly fay, as touching his facultie, * Vitabreui, ere. much moreaffuredlie may thefpirituall Phifition prefixefuchan Aphorifineto =tit át °.ñ all this myfteriewe haue inhand. Forherein thegodlielearnedknow it a matter farre moredifficult to fudge what fecret caufes breede the hidden diftemperof 64j e;t4or the foule : and here it isfaire moredangerotis to proceede onely by experience, T >r "IX`' without artand skill.AndherewemuftascatefullierefpeEtalloccafionsandcir- A°M "mot` cumffancesoftimenlaceand perfons: araword okeninduetime,islikeana le , P f PP ícvrq ye°ìt ofgolde withpildaresaffluer: fo thecontrarie,vnfeafonableand impertinent fpeea '9 , chesbemoltdangerous. a.Aph, ipp.Gb. Thepatienthere muff doe his part, groutidespatientaádiuuat : andThe aíïi- Prou.o5tI. Rants mutt beof like tenderaffedlion, and goodmeanes muft informe and time. Cyp''rY'cE°r'° conuenientand rightlie be applied. *It fareshere withvsas with other men in or. va- itare, humane fciences, we knowe the afflictions ofthe mind to be very great and °ta¢mum epe dangerous,but howgreat and perilous, all men cannot fo well conceiuc, much folem Plolofo- g pbu,probabrt, leffe howwith art andskill to proceedein the practifeof this cure. ,purmtu,,¡r, This reverend manofGod M. GE s s s s A m, was a man inhis life timeof 'x,:',671-V- greatho e and couldhaue iuenbelt rules for this vnknownefcultie : for that Troll & heLord goodknowledgeandexperience, re(tored many.fromvnfpeake -. ereuusme able torments,and terrorsofminde; ofwhichfome are afleepeinChrift, andas procc:,r. ¡edvt liuin notafew. If theLord had not fo foone tranflatedhim to refl., he was procedat,mpe- yet g rrartda rua no doubt as firand aswillingas anyinourage to effe&this matter. Ofhisknow q"reda' ledge thisway, all the godly learnedthatknew him, both canandwill fpeake, I etpafio .se- doubt not. Ofhis goodwill herein to pofteritie, lethis ownewords tel the. =a spli$s ggood defiresof hisheart : for by a fpeciall occafion he fpeaketh ofhimfelfeon Initie Apo. ,.this manner. He bath hada longtimeafetled difpofirion (ashetrufteth) ofGod, logic. to ftudie thecafes ofconfcience,to fuccourtheperplexedin them: hebathbeen fo filledwith compaífionto theafflióted, (whichGod wrought inhisheart) as if ,, hehadbeen diftreffedwith them : He bath feenethemanifoldbleffingsofGod , vpon histraueil. Againe,that manygodly learned friends would perfwadehint In the fame to theaforefaidftudie, bythefe and filch like arguments. Firft, that herebyhe. booke. ,,, might rrainevpforieyounger men to this end,andcommunicatehis experience. with them.Secondiy,that he mightleauevnto pofteritieacommentarie offuch ,, particularmaladies, as through Gods bleflinghe hashcured, together with the meanes vfedto that end: andbecaufeprecepts arewanting, rules ofdire&tion in fuchcafes (byathrough fearching, witha diligent and continual! obferua ioonn and