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THE PREFACE TO THE READER. He lippesoftherighteousfeede many. The true dietof the foule . isan art moltrare, averydiuine facultie : Itmuff begraun- ted,thatthe liuelyvoyce ofthe Prophetsfeedeth moftef- fe&wally, fearching euen the fecret chambers of the foule, and working greateft imprelfions in the heart. The holy bookes and monuments of the righteous are as ftrong chefts and ftorehoufes, wherein God hath euer referued moftprecious foodefor pofteritie : neithermay we reied the induftrieofthe Heathen: for they haue fomefoode meete for liberallmen inmatters naturali, and politike, feruing well (ifdue regard and choifebe had) for our dire±ionin thingsappertaining to this prefentlife. Allwife men atlicir- cumfpeeîwhat they feede vpon, to preferue their bodies, and ought they not much more to be refpediue wherewith they feede theirfoules e Some regarde onelythelips ofthe righteous, and feede long before they be ftrong men, or hauetheir witsexercifed todifcernegood and euill. Some attend onelythe hand and bookesoftherighteous andthefeknowlittlehow foundly andtruly thebe- leeuersminde andheartbe fedbythebreakingof thebreadof life. Some regard neither: thefe men ftarue their fouleswith ignprance, and are felled in Atheifine andprophanenes. Someattend both, andhaue welltaftedofthe good word of life,and goe on from ftrength to ftrength,vnto themèafureof theage of the ful- nesofChrift.Someyet there are which neither regard righteous men, nor righ- teousmatter,butfeede * indifferentlyvpon all bookes alike, to the great hazard Ppher ;.r: of their owne foules: thefe men are varne, and feede themfelues with vanitie. *Yntenperan- Thediuellinelderagesin theblindePapacie, fedblinde fouleswith fables, and "erenuf eft. idleFriers inuentions : now mens witsbe refined, they can no more feede on pft s fuchdrie ftubble. Hefeedes daintieBares with choife ofwords, and vncleane a eo dr ¡center hearts with thevnehafteandwantonloue-fongs ofItalian Poetiie. Such foode ne`epaY:aq"ra Juperuaarádo- breedes many vncleanebeaffsin citie and countrie. Such mencannot lauethe dkeruataene, truth and holinessbecaufe theyare repleatewith errorand vneieanenes. M.vlfham, a man greatly to becommended for his learning and gooda maaeschool- feEtion to pietie,ofthismatter writeson thismanner. Thefe inchantersof Circes (faith he) broughtout ofItalic, marremens manners in England; muchby ex- " ampleof life,but more byprecepts of fondbookes,tranflated out ofItalian in- " to Englifh. Again; tenne Sermonsat PaulesCroffe doe notfomuch good for " mouingmen to true doEtrine, as oneof thofebookes lothharme with inticing " to ill liuing. I fayfurther, thefe bookes tend not fo much to corrupt honeft" liuing, as they doe to fubuert true Religion: MorePapifts bemade by your" A q. tnerrìe" 11 670562