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84. TheIft Sermon. thegodly often fill for theirpride fuddenlyintoadulteries, murthers, thefts, herefies,poperie, and bYinnitrei /ec- fuck like. Thus the Lord commeth bythe meffenger ofSatan,the pricke ofthe flefh,totrie Étionr,rn.yfd< vs,whether wee will fticke to theword preached,or to filch fuggeffions inniftred,to trie togroffeac- our faith,to confirme vs in thefauour ofGod,whenwee(hall obtaine the fauour ofGod, liens. who often alliftethhischildren being humbled,euen inmolt dangerous affaults, andlea- ueth them being vp in the leaff temptations, fo as theyfall, that thereby theymay know that helpe is ofGod andnot ofman. Andhowfoeuerflefhand blood counted' this but a paradoxe,yet Pure itis,that ourcafe is worfe when the Lord ceafeth by Inch means to liftand fannevs,thenwhen he holdethvsfrom loneprofitable temptation for ourex-. ercife. For wefhall feemany,whodewing rather tobe freed from the croffe,then torcape Seturitiebow thefruit ofit,although for ÿ time,wherinthey endured theirtemptations at the 6rftthey dangerous. were cleere.and innocent: yet afterwardhaue fallen moff grieuourly,becaufethey would not profit by thofètemptationswhich the Lord fent,eitherto punditfoine finnepaft not throughly repentedof,or tocorrect fome finneprefent not efpied,or toforewarne vs of finnetocome not fufpe6edofvs. Somehaue been tempted toherefie,foine topride,fome Note. toworldlines, whodifdainfullylooking at fuck thoughts, as mattersofno importance, though theywere before vnattainted of thefe ends, yet now haue cometo beheretikes, proude perfons,and worldiings, This ought to teachvs then molt to fufpeel our !clues, Prot.:844. when we thinkour effacefafeft: Andbleffedis theman thatfearethalwaies.Thisnumb=of the foule,ítriuethandftriketh deeplyeuenagainff theordinanceof God forourfaluation: (Imeane the word,theSacraments andprayer) fo that oftentimes our cafe ftaüdeti thus, we thus fay in ourfelues 51f Iheare the word,fo it is,Ifeele no greatwant ofit ; in recel- wingthe Sacraments I haueno pleafure; innot receiuingthem Ihaue no griefe; ifthe ex ourpriaie ercifèsbee vied there is not much good done ; if theybeeomitted, there is nogreat hurt pride,notre- done ;fIhaue(paretimeX can goe,ifI haueneuer folittlebuisneflè Ican kecpe me away, Jpettmgthe and begladoffuthexcufe. Surelythis eltatebewraiethaproudheart ,blefiingitfelfewith meaner bad afainesandcloyednesoftheineanes,andeitherlhewethvstoHeinfomefinneprefently, ptaentiluuy, or- or that we are like to fall intofoie finne hereafter and that Monty. Howbeitbeing ab- relied fent,if hauing thefe orlike affeetionswee can mourne,beateour owne hearts,and iudge our felues,enquiringofthe thingsfpoken attheir hands, that haue been at theconprega- 'Abratefrom tion ; if being abfent in bodiewith an humblefightofour want,wee areasprefentin ipi- tbe congrega- rit ; ifaim in thetimeof exercifes webellow thetime inprayer,in reading,or inmédita- tion. .tion,the Lordwill fhield vs fromfinne, and thefhame offinne. Againe, ifweefull fnde our. feluesfubie ttopeeuifhnes,concupifcence,orcouetoufneffe,with!ellepowertopre- uaile againithemthen wehaue had ; let vsfeare leaft Coin pride bathgone before : ifwee cannot recouer our (clues out ofthefe euilsby prayer or mourning,let vs fufpeet ourown Nate. hearts,that (Dine fecuritie in the meanesbath ouertakenvs, the Lordfora timebath left vttlorieourr vs,thiediuell bath foyled vs. Itis ablelled thing togetvielorie ofourfaults beforethey be no-fauusbe- loyned with theoffences ofthe world, withthe griefe of the godly, with the reproch of fore they get ouraduerfáries, with the troubleofourowne confciènces, with the hazard ofGods glo- beake forth. rie.And thereforeif it be fodiegoodwill ofGod,lec vsearnefflyy derivehim thatour trials and temptationsmaybe inward,that they maybeflayed and ftenchedwhen theybegin, thatthey breakenotoutabroad tothe greater difhonour oftheLord,and ourfurther dill comfort :which furel theywill doe, if by cherifhing them, and not checking them,wee ftriue notforforce fafetieagainit them. Let vs humblytherefore long before,fearethis re- Pfal.n9. proch to come, and pray with theProphet,Lord keepe mefrom the reprochwhich Ifeare: leapotherwife the Lord teeing vs make no confcience inthefecafes, bee auengedofvs, whofurely will difhonour them that ftickenottodifhonourhim. Craie thentogaze at the worke ofGod, and labour to gage the prideofyour ownehearts in affection,which theLord is conlirained tofhame vs with,forthe abufeof his graces, forthe difcreditof his word,the contemptof hisglorie,and forthe negle&of our owne faluation : which being Eywhatmei-- beforepurpofed,ratlierthen it Mould bevnaccomplifhed, wee (hall haue fhamefull fer- frtgersGod a- rants fentvoto vs ; as fireon ourhoufes warres to f o le our oods ficknefle to weaken wakens)* children. (course whichwill draw vsout6 ab p g , by the