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Ofhumilitie, b$ the cares from our beanie flwnbcr of thine, wherein wee fnorted. And thusfiely,though fuddenly,we are flips into thefecondpoynt andobferuation ofthis doarine,whiehis,that we fhouldnot be roo hie to enter inat the gates of aduerlitie, norbeingentred,to behaue our felues vnpatiently, as though it would vndoe vs to fit in the houfe of mourninga while : rather weunit reioyce ià it,andbe thankful' for it, fayingtwit's theProphet t It is oadformeO Lord that thou haftaffliltedme,« V ethepolieGhofheretelietlivs,that Pfal.ttg. lowlmeffe goals before honour,and inthe fchoó sOfhumilitie wee shall !carne thhway to true glomand nohilitie. Neither doelhere sneanè, that afflilbon in it Idle Isatis of it felfe fuch vertue,as to humble vs truly vnder thehand ofGod : but when thefpirit ofGod workcth with it, that then it will breede invs the fruites of righteonfneffe, repentance, faith,and holineffe;it will drive vsto Peek comfort in the word, to askecomfort bÿprayer; toyeeld comfort bycompallion on other menseuils. And thereforeit is,neceffarieagaurit the policie ofSathamt,who would difcouragethe Saints ofGod in theirprofeflion, bypref- fing them with of iétions, to flayour feluesin this teftimonie of the holieGhoff, thatbe- fore glorie goeth of ietion, and afteriowlineffe commeth honour,either in this life, or in the lifeto come,or in both. Thismufffurther teachvs toprofit by the türeatningsof God publikclypreached,not to threaten them,or to amrnwreagainff them that lay the iudge- ments of God against vs in the law : this mull caufe vs tomake much of them, that by iharpe cent-Ming ofvs, will fooneff drawvs out of fin. This mutt worke in vs a delire to reape famefinite byprorate admonitions, yea and to call onothers to admonilh vs that we mayPillbe kept in forcegood courteof humilitie. Further andbetides this,it is profitable for vs to frequent them that arefcke readie to revii <z the dye,perplexed in fpirit,impriloued in chaines,and oppreffedwith miferie,ehat in themwe ficke. may fee our felues,as in a nunrour : and fowithMofes to chufe rather to fuffcrafinelions, then toenioy the pleafuresof tissuefora time. Thisacquaintingour (Clues with the judge- merits ofGod,will both rubbe off fecuritie, and tfirrevs vp togreater thankfulnes for our Hebr.rx. felues,aud pitie towards others. Wherefore they are not in the wayof humilitie to ob- mine glorie, who are to tender lighted that they cannot abide to fee the iudgemeats of God : they are toodain tie earcd,ehat cannot or thatwill not hearethe threatnmgs of the law: faying,oh Icannot abide to heave one in defperation, I cannot away to 'scare fuch fearefull fpeeches, to heart the diucll fpeake in one ; I loue notto fee one lie gafpingand panting in death ; thefe things would depriueme ofallmirth, breede melancholic, and Ifirre me vpto madnes.Nay,thisdelicatenes toRye from the Lord thus drawingneerevs, willbatten thefe risings vpon vs, which weewill not profit by inothers. Such eyes tofee, fuch cares to heare,fuch hearts to behumbled,it becommethGods peopleto haue,that as they louenothing more then glorie, fo they labour for nothing more then humilitie : as they}horn nothingmore then confufion,fo they aumde nothing snorethen pride of heart. Which that wee may doe, let vs call downe our felues beforethethrone of mercie, in the naine and mediation of Iefus Chriftour Sauiour. O eternali Coe and oarmolt losing father,beholdyr irr thineownr cosenant,&c. FINIS. OF