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86 OF THE GOOD EDVCA- TIO1`I OF CHILI)REN. THE SI XT SERMON. Prouerbs 17.21. He that begettethafoole,gettethhimfelfe ferrets', and thefather ofafoole can hate neioy. HE holieGhoft fpeakingin the Scriptureof foolifhfonnes, (at that hethat begettethfacha one,getrethhimfelfe farrow, and thatthe father.of a foole bath noiooyy)meaneth it not fo muchofnaturall idiots,and fach as aredeltitute ofcommonreafon (although it is true that this is a lamentable iudgetuent of God, and a heauines totheparents of filch a childe)as ofwicked children, fachas are either ignorantin theword, not knowing howto orderone right ftepto thekingd'omeof God: or elfe haueng fomeknowledge cf God,vngodlily abufeit,tomaintains their carnali luft and appe- tite. Forthis caufe as itwould gricue parents to haue naturali foules to their children,or FootiJh tbi4 fuch as either through fome imperfe&ton ofnature are diimembred, or deformed, and dren. misfgured in theparts of thebodie: fomuchmorelhould itgrieue them tohaue filch chi"- dren,aseitherfor want of knowledge and heavenlywifedome, cannotwalke in thefeare ofGod : or abufing the knowledge given them, proltitute themfelues to all (inne and wickednelfe. It is marueilous to fee how greatly parents can bewaile thewant of one naturali gift proceeding of fame imperfebtion,andhow eafilythey canpasé ouer without anygriefe, thewant ofall fpirituall graces,fpringing from corrupteducation. In likemanner,it is ftrangethat.mencan take the matterfoheauily, whentheir childrenbreaYce into filch of- fences,as either haue open lhame,crciuill punifhment follouiingthem,and yet can make no bones butpoftouer filch finnes as areagainft theniaieftie of God, accompaniedwith euerlalting confufionand vnfpeakable torments: whereinwhat cloth molt part of men bewray,but theirgreat hypocrifie,inthatneither theirtoy nor theirgriefe is found totheir children,and thatthey loue themfeluesmore in their children,theneither theirfaluation, or the glorie ofGod ? Thetenderloue and'carewhereofno doubt didencreafe the forrow ofDaaidfor thedeath ofhis forme Abfolom,who was not fomuch grievedfor the lode ofa fonne,asfor that vntimely end ofhistonne. Let vs learne therefore to correótour affec- tions toour children,andbe grieuedfor their ignorance,impietieand ñnnes : whereof ei- Forrobátrau- therourcarnal!compaffion,thenotlamentingofour ownenaturall corruption,thewant fe: the rand of prayer foran holte feede,orprophane education armed withthewrath ofGod, may be affli¿ethpa- amoll: Tuft occafion. Cana manhope for a holte polteritie or doe weemarueile if the rentsintbtir Lordcraft vs in the children ofour bodies, whenweemake as bold and brutifh an en- children. trance intochat holieorditsanceof the Locd,ss in the meetingoftheneighingbodewith' his