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Ofrepentance. 95 withvs inChrift his righteoufneffe. On the contrarie,whileftweaie in our Gnnes,wehe in ourownehlood;if we iudgenot ourfelues,Godwill both iudge vs, and bee reuenged of ourfinne ;he will fet our houle on fire,he will fend enemies,he will fend earthquakes, bee will fend famines to confutneourgoods,he will make friendsfoes,he will fend licknes and forenesvpon our bodies,anda troubled fpirit intoour foules,hewill fendvs an ill naine: thus will re bringplague vpon plague vntill werepent,and come to a feelingof ourfins. And why clothGod all this? becaufe wewill notcome to iudge our (clues. For thiscaufe (faiththe Apo(lle,t.Cor,t 1.3o.).that is,becaufewe iudgenot ourfelues, many are welke; andficke among you,and manyPepe. 3 i.Forifwe would iudge our felues,weefhould notbe fed. 32,But whenweare ludged,ree.are chaflenedof the Lord, that wefhanld not becondemned withtheworld. LikewifetheProphet,Pfa1.89.and 3o.31.32.33. Butifhischildren forfakemy law,and mike: not inmy ieodgements,ifthey breáke vysy flatutesandkeepenot mycommanddements: thenwill[Mgt theirtraitfgrefsion with thefword,and their iniquitiewithfErokes: yetmy lotting kndneffewillI not takefromhim,neither willIfalj fiemy truth. For as a father withdrawech from his childe fometimes his'loue, and whippeth himwith the rodofcorreation: fo the simile. Lord dealeth often with his children,and fcourgeth their naked confcience. God doth iudge his here,buthis enemies will he iudge inthe world to come : ifwee be not puni(hed here,thepuni(hment will be as a thunderbolt in theday ofjudgement. Haft thou been 'af baed,andnot profited? Will nota littlecroffe ferne thee ? a greater !hall cometo thee. Will not a fewtroubles turne thee to God ? then many(hall comevpon thee. If aman be Sorroo forfin, not troubled for finne here, it isthe way to hell : if bee be troubled here,it is theway to zbe way to hes. bennes. And as they whichhaue not bintroubled hauinghad a little ioy,(hall haue eter- nal' panic : fo theywhich here haue had a little paine,(hall after haue euerlafting ioy. LukaG.- Theythat are correfledand haue profited by it, are affhlled of theLord in mercie : but they that be vexed andamend not,receiuea token ofGods further wrath. Whereforewe mull not looketofeele comfort inthe remiffionof finnes,vnlelfe wee alfohaue forrow for Truehumilie- committing our ¡limes. For never any ofGods childrenwere comforted throughly,but la°ndónfort, theywerefill humbled fortheir finites. To the workingofwhichhumiliation,weemuff rememberGods iudgements (hewedon others. HachGod deftroyed th&whole world for finne,andcan he noc,or will he notdeftroy theefor fnne ? Rath hee ouerthrownewhole nations,and will hee fuller thee to lie f1í11 in thy finnes? See how full hell is alreadie,and yetdaily wee runne headlong thither. Confider altohowgreatthy finne was,thatcould notbecleanfed but bytheblood of Iefus Chrift: Oh howfoule was that finne,thatno- thing elfe could wafh it,but Chrifthis heart blood? Oh how greatwas our guiltines, that was raunfomed by fuels a price? How great-was the fore that needeth furls a'falue? how deepe was the woundthat needed fucha medicine? O louing kindnes and vnfpeakable louetowards vs !Shall Chrill be0sine for our finnes,and weenot labour to flay finite in Rom.6.rz. our felues? ShallChrill dyefor our fnnes,and fnne as yet is notdeadin vs ? Shall Chrift zach.) be crucified forvs,andwill w not crutifie finne inour felues? ShallChril'e haue his heart Gil .e4sl. pricked withofpeare,and (hall notwee haue our hearts prickedwith forrow ? This is the true vfeand meditationofChrift his pailson. Weare wonttodefie thelewes for atenting Chrifl,wee fpicat Is)das for betraying Chrift, andwee condemnePilate for condemning Chrift : but weare muchmore tobeatdefiance with our finnes,whichaccufed himbefore the judgementfrateofGod ;we areto acculeourfelues, who haue and dailydoe betray Mtn ; wemull condemne ourfelues,whofefinnes hauecondemned him. But ifneither the judgements ofGod, hell, nor thecroffeofChrill can mouevs, then let vs examine our felueshow we can reioycein Chrill. It fòlloweth tofpeakeofthe counfellofPeter,Repent: asif he fhould fay,I know your actor ro canrnrt hearts arepricked, howbeicIwill( hewyou, howitisthepolicieofthediuell,tomakethele ourfetuearo h good motions quickly to waxedrie in you, hee will flay you from perfeuering,youmull furrowfurfin, therefore endeuourto continuein thisgodly forrow. TheApoftie faw, that this farrow, but to proeeede which as Paul witnei%di,is notto bee repentedof,was wellbegun in them : butin costi- to repemaur. nuing his Sermon HI to thateffell, heefheweth that ourforrowmull beallo continual': Many forrow, asbath been !hewed,but in a worldly forrowing, which bringeth eternal' death,