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96 TThefeuenth Sermon. death,notinagodlygriefewhichbringethrepentance. Wherefore wee are to notethat Kee, repentancebeginneth in vs, continued] and endethwith forrow.Now,if itmight bee,it Repenraece were expedienttoPhew whatrepentance is.In one word,repentance is not a bare leauing whatit is. of finne, but an vtter condemning and mitliking of that finnewhichweehaue left. For though we haue left it,yet itmay snakevs to furrowfor itmany yeeres after, yeaeuen at thepoynt ofdeath. Dauid.hadleft his finne,but it caufed him to. forrow many yeeres af- ter.lofephs brethrenhad forfaken and ahnoßr forgottentheir finne,yet mt troubled them, andgrieued them thirteeneyeeres after. Our pricking cf heart therefore nuitbee conti- nued anddaily renued. This repentance is figured in Saptifine,both in thatweemutt dye Phil.;.9,tga. to finne,and burieît,and alto thinwemutt rileagainto newuesof life :foraman cannot dye to finne but by theverrueofChrift his death, neither can bee rife to rigbteoufnelle without the power ofhis refurre&ion.Nowwemutt know thatas ourGanes are forgiuen, foweemalt altoreceive Gods fpirit. IfGodprotnifeth mercie toourchildren,much more tovs,if wee beleeueand receiuehis promifes g ifto themwhich are a farre off,muchmore to them thatare ;were. And yet though we have been baptized an hundred yeeres, and haue notreceiued thehoheGhofi,we may dyein our finnes. Somevnderftand by of the holyGhoft, thegraces of God beftowed on the Apoftles : but in my judgement their opinion isnotfound,becaufe that was a particularthing given only to them ofthat time,thispromife is generall andrefpeóis allpotterities. Weare then to note,thatrepen-- sorrarofarJ!n tance is acontinuall courteofforrow, andif wee haze-this in trueth,tlsen mayweboldly mg beet's- < Teekefor comfort out ofGodsword,and from hisminifters,andTooke what comfortthey timed. giuevs on earth,the fainefhall be fealedallo in heauen. Whereforeas it is rcgnifitécontt- nuallyto till theground,if we willbane fruite,anddaily to ease, ifwe will hue : fo in Note. rituall things,wemuffbe humbled with continuall forrow that wemaybe refrefhed with daily comfortin Chritt,inwhole name let vs pray. Oar Father,&e. FINIS. MEDITATIONS ON PROv.q-. Y ERS.13,I4,15,16, 17,I8,19,2O,2h22X23. Takeheldofinflr:idiot; and leauenot,keepeher,forfheia thy life. HEmatter which is contained inthis verfe,hath binoften repeated inthechap- tees before,yet hereagaine it isneceffarilierepeated : for in thefe mattersbetides our great dulnes and negligence wee are fo readietodeceive our felnes,and to tamythinke thinkewee loue theword when wee doenot,and doeperl'wadeour felnes inour they Lone:God, owneimaginations that wehaue laidfait hold of wifedome,when indeedewee haue hiswordend ther touched-nor tailed it. Therefore that wee might beware of this, bee repeater, that religian,mhen which bee had fpoken before in molt effedtuall and fignificant fpeeches. For the word ìndeede they P g doemot, which is heretranGátedAr kad,dothfgnifieto lay hold with ftrength, aswe feemen that are