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c.nleditertionr. 97 are in. peril] ofdrowning,theywill layhold fo fait vpon a thing,that their hands may be Simile. fooner broken then loofed : all their power forthe prefent time is intheir hands,and they: m'"'" ue id will Mott fùrelyhold fall that they catchin their hands: In like manner mutt welay hold roe f uponwifedome with our heart with fuch ltrength and. powermuff wecatch hold ofit,that nothingwhatfoeuerbe abletofeparatevs from it. This is chefirt'tthing whereuntowe are here exhorted. The fecond muff neceltarilybe ioyned to this : which is, thatwee doe not leaue it forany thing,butkeepe itas faftas weehold it. Both thefeexhortationsare molt Themefeof neceffarie,forwe arevery flack and flow tolay hold,andwhen wehaue laid hold,through rreo,erfalnor it carelefnes we are readie toloft it:hereof it followeth, that wee forget many godly lellbns ro ee¡ner. that wee haue learned. Hereofit is that wee lofe many worthie things whereinwee liane been greatlycomforted:yea hereof it commeth,that we be many times ignorant of fore principali poynts,ofwhich we haue been often mftru&ed. Therefore ifwee will for euer- learne,thateve baneonce learned,ifwe will continually feelecomfort,in that wherein we haue beenonce comforted : then let vs with all diligence attend vnto thefe two things : firft,that welay faft holdupon theword, and thenthat we keepe it fartand furewhen we bane laid hold of it. Thisifwe would doe, then are wee tobeware oftwo things,which Tma things ro herein would greatlyhurtvs: fiat, we mull bewareof vanitieofourmindes,that wee be be avoided: not led away with it,from theword votoworldly lufts,aod from verme votovanitie. Se- f,,.f vanitieaf condly,we court bevery circumfpe& in matters of this world,for the ouer-bold and vn- minde:forard- wariedealing in them,is of great force and power tokeepe vs from catching fait holde0s01dline,, vponwifedome, and ifwee bane alreadie laid fait hold as wethinke, yet ifour mindebe if': we bewitched with worldly thi s the couetoufnelfeof themwill choake v all careof the tertene cord Y r P poffrffeufe word: the defirepf themwill ddpoffellk wifedome, and cart it out ofourhearts. Theft dome. two things ifwe be carefull toauoide,then (hall our hearts be much more fit to rèceiue theword,and tokeepe itwith care whenweehaue receiuedit. The things whereunto wee arehereexhorted,are giuen vs in chargeinthe fecond commaundemenc ofthe law, vnto which placethis verfe muttbe referred. Verfa{.Enternot into thewayof thewicked, andwalkenot in the way with them. r S. Auoideitandgeenot byit,turnefrom it andpajeby. S"Alomon bath hithertoexhortedvs towifedome,nowhe dehorteth and called:vs backe from all mannerof euill, whichmight hinder our proceedings in wifedome, and firit he aduifech vstoauoide all euillexamples: fecondly,he willeth vs to bewareofour owneWham be .waywardnes and corruptions, and toRic from the euill examples offrnfull andwicked "'idea. men:hedehortethvs in fixeverfes,thatis,from the14-to the ao.and his deportation con- fiftethofa precept,and the reafons of the precept: the principali is expreffed in the i. . and i S.verfes,wemutt haue no fellow(hipor familraritie with the wicked,and becaufe it ishard to ilkfrom them, andbecaufe their companie is daungerous, thereforeSalomon vféth manywords to fet outthematter,fhewing indeede, that we canneuerbe too much or toooftenwarned of them : for hefaith,Eoternot,walkenot,withdrawthyfelfefromit,paffa not by ir,declinefrom it.Much likevetothis phifrck,ehePhifrttons prefcrïbefor the plague, Simile. for they fay,ifa man willbe preferued from theplague,hemuft obferue there three things: To anoidethe firft,thathequickly and with allfpeedflie from it : fecondly,that he flie fameaway : third-focietieoftbs ly,tiiatit be longere heretornetotheplace againe. By this theymeane,thatif theayrebe it l. once infeEted,there can be no remedie deuifed to preferueaman in thatplace : now the C iio, plagueis no more contagious then thewicked are, the plague Both no more infect the ayre, tlien the wicked doe infect thofe places wherein they line: and therefore Salomon loth very welltoprefcribethis remediefor the auoydingof the infeetion which might be gotten byeuill companie.For whatcould preferue aman in Sodome,butonelyhis lawful] calling:thereforevnlefleaman hauefuel: a calling tokeepe himthere,he muttflicquick- lyfrom the wicked,he mutt flie farre from them, fleemutt feethem amend beforebee re- turnevnto them. Daniddidvery wellfee this,and thereforebee cloth in manyplaces crie out againft them. Awayfrommeye wicked. Woe irme that I hauefolong dwelt inKedar. Da- pfoLuç.& izo K seid