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To THE READER. well deferuing ofGods people) forthe great loue he bare him,anddefining the good of many,perufed and correctedfome part of thefe works, intendingto re- uiew the whole.Now the Lord bath takenhim alfo fromvs,and giuen him reff; I haue indeuoured what I could to looke ouer thereft ofall thefe worker ; and hereI offer and recommend thisEft partto the ChurchofGod,inthebeft man- nerthat I can, afterTome labour and wearines. I wantednot the helpeofdicers bothgodlie and learnedfiiends,we haue conferred fundriecopies together, and by good conference reuifedand corrected all. TheTreatife ofCounfels I found moftdiffra fed afidcorrupted. Of many hundreds I felecedthefe few, and haue reduced them into thisalphabeticall or- der,defiring fo todifpofethem,as thateuerie counfell mightbefet vnder one fpe- ciallhead orargument, whereunto it feemed to hauemolt reference. As forex- ample,all of affections I couched vnder that title Aprs c T r o xs, and all of aftiâions,vnder thattitle,and foofthe reft. Of thefe Counfels I may auouch (Chriflian Reader) that thou (halt finde more experiencedknowledge, and more found refrefhing for thy foule in fore one of them, then in fome one , wholeScrmon,fullofhumane eloquence,and affectationofffile,which fomany nice cares doefomuch admire, and yet ffillbe learning and comebuttoa poore and meane tafle andknowledge of thetrueth. When thisvolumewas finifhed and paff the preffe, in reuiewing thewhole, for thecorre&ionoffome verball faults : I feeand mutt confeffewe haue offen- ded by our negligence,notonely in the words,butalto in thematter: yet foas I truft thelouingand Chriftianreaders,will acceptourendeuourwithout offence. In theCounfels ye haue oftenthis addition, bethought this, orhefaid that: hereI muff requeft thee(Chriftian reader) notto iudgeany fuchfpeeches to.proceede M. Ho;kin:. from anyprideorfingularitie: forthatfuchobferuations (asI fuppofe) were col- *Heeknewe right wellshe lededand takenby *others,and not fetdownebyhimfelfe. Ifhis owne hand Peet:wi"' had , iuen thefeworkes the laft filing,they might haue (no doubt) afarre more eounkih fate excellent forme and beautie. But. fuch were histrauels in his lifetime in p0mparmr fan- gmirearmelre- .-préachingand comfortingtheafAiófed,thathe couldnot poffiblie prelnndite, Ieaue there workes ashe deftred. In thatone treatifeof the m0d 9101mm[- radaes&mmt- SabbothI foundhisown hand,with many*cor- taMora mer- reótions,and yet not anfwering(Iam cair,argmeper- feetum deems wellaífured)his hearts non saiSmamir define. advnpm. TO