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eledititionr. Thaildrawthee fromGod. But whe fpeecl can bfufficient to paint out the corruptionof theheart,which vntomati is vnfearchable,and aboue all things molt deceitful' ? One Ser- mon is to too little, ifthe exercifes of weekes and monethsaught be fpent in one thing thisamongft many, would minitter fufficientmatter in chisexhortation. Take: heckvoto yourhearts,forfrom Minceproceede theartionsoflife. FINIS, c MEDITATIONS OIL PRov.I4. VERS. f;6,7,8, Verf5. cA truewitneffeivillnotlie ; bat a fädle witnefeJ eaketh lies. le righteous manknowing that histongue Was gluon to him to fpeake clue truth, will make confcience ofa lie even in the lean To loueand things, Butif the matter beoftnore weight, or ifit come intocheJiteakethe place of lodgement, thenhe shill much more heartily abhorreall tnah rn the lying and deceicfulnef e: yea then lice will not be brought to leJtmestor,. ipeakeany thing thereof he bath not a certaine ground. As nor the vngodly, it is not fo.with them : for they ltaisingno care oftruth in light and common Matters, docbone calf offall cari and conlcienceeuen in greatefl and moll waightiecaufès. This agreech with thebaying ofour SauientChrifl,Luk.ió.to. Hethat isfeithfaoll ioo theleaf h0 isfaithfuflelf inmush. Which may bethus particularly applied: he that for confeience fakedoth fpeake the truthin commonand finalimatters, he will alio fpeake the truth in matters of great importance s and he that is not afhamedof a lie in his private dealing, hewill alfo without thane bearefalfe witnelfe before the ludge. Here then we be taught euen in the 'callthings to insure our tongues to fpeake the cruth: lb fhall we be better preferued fronafalfe wttnef% bearing : for the Lord , would not Isaac vs todaily With finse. Therefore in his righteous judgement, he doth leaue meta that make no conlcienceofa lie, and fuffereth themto fall and to offend infotne open and knotsnetrueth.'Agame,Yo,,vGod whereas men take great libertie in lying, ifthe matter be fecret and vnknowne; theLard cháßeu, hbis cloth hate this hollownesand hypocrtfieof men, and doch often bring it to light, that by childrenfor the forrow for, and (hume of chat finne, (ifit be pollible) they may be canted to make fY+ttg greater confcienceofa liefor euerafter: Therefore ifwe would not liaise tise Lord to pu_ ntfhour lelf r frailties with greater finnes c ifwe would not bane him to pnnifh our 1rcret finnes and faults with open and notorious offences, then let vs be afraideto teli a he in the very lighteft and molt lecret caufes. But ifthis will not at all moue vs, yet let vs be ouercomewith theconlderationof thole finites which will comeof true (peaking, fie- cially let vsconfider of there two. Firlk, the loue ofthetruethdothbreede andbegetinvs a great and ungular comfort, when we fee that hereinwe relèmblc our ieauenly father, who is theGod and the authoroftrnet). Secondly,the loueofthe trued: is a (pedal! helpe toreuoke vsfrom fiane. Foraudit lyercanfocloake his finne , andfetfuchacolourvpon L it I09