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TO THE RIGHT WVOR SI-IIPFVLL SIR DRV. DRVRIE KNIGHT,. GENTLEMAN-VSHER OF her Maiefties priuieChamber: andMafter THOMAS FnN s H A vv Efquier, the&eenesRemembrancer inher HighneffiCourt ofExchequer : H.H. wUheth the increafi ofall merciesand comforts,in refusChriflforeuer. Omeof thefe treatifes (Right Worfhipfull)ferue well to teach vs both the daunger and the cure of the greateft * wound a man can haue on earth : the reftdifferin argu- 'The rooundof ment,yet haue one generali fcope,as namely the building thefarit. ofGodspeople in the faith and obedienceofChri(t. Here- in firft I requeftyourWorfhips patience,totake fome view of a fhort reprefsntarion of the whole booke, by fpeciall branches,couchingthe authorsownevery words and mat- ter in this compendious formefollowing. The firfttreatifeis ofawoundedfpirit,wherein this faithful(feruant ofChrift teachethvs : r. Howgreat an euill the wound of' hefpirit is for thevery Pagans andPapifis can beuregreat affliflionstill theirfpiritshewounded,but iftheirminds be deietled,they will difpatchthentfleeswith any violentdeath : and thefaithfull alf'cafl downwith Gods arrows, andfight oftheirfinnes, and the feeling o Gods handvpon theirmindes,Iob,Dauid, Hezekiah,Iererniah,mournedbeauiyfin the woundofthe f irit. 2. What comfortthetruepeaceofconfaience carrieswith it,abletofree vsfromall dtfcomfoitsofthis life: andcontrarilyhow the mindeappalled,no blefsingcan longcheere vs in thisprelim life. 3. Howmad they be which by violent deathfeeke to end their .ffslionsofminde:forthatthis is the onely way toincreaf their torments: foriftheir burthenbegreathere,it is intolerableinhell. ç. How moll menferneatliue,painfull,and prudent topresent andforefeeother troublesandeuils : butfew regardwith any careatall topresent thetroubles ofminde.Howmany trauellwithgreat skill for riches,andhonour, be.butfew take anypaints for the precious treafure'ofthe peace ofagood çonfcience. 3.Preferuatiues againfi of jliElionsofminde are thefearching ofourfnnes pallandpre- utgreat and fmall: andthe examination ofourfaith. 6. Inexamination for fnne,wee maynotcontentour[duestohaueleft them. Wee mull alto heartilyferrawforthem,euen thefnnesofouryouth :forifwe doe not truly repentvsofthem,they Mayagain rebound vponvs(faithhe) after manyyeeres tothegreataffiillionand tormenting ofour mindes. y.Exa..