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118 TheEpifUe 7. Examinationofnnes, muß beas wellofJinnes committedafter our callingas before: f or thefifinnesofallother biteforefandpearcedeepe. Couer thelnnot,butconfeffé them toGo intime,leaflthoubeconflrained toblaze themabroadto thine exceedinggri feand torment. S. vlfter knowledgeand light receiuedfromGod, noteeuerwhatfin»esforay toytbeotbeces ftof en can moflin thee,by theoftenchecks ofthyconfcience,and f labour toauoide them,being grie- k fe,'uememay reed for them : which ifthou doenot,thou can finotefcape eitherhardnesofheart,oraffli. koeuubatfiat ilionsofminde. p. Sinnesofomißion hauemuch dfemperedGodsgood children , the j °ry 0'rt neg&gentvfeofthe meonesoffaluation,and forthe notputting oftheir gifts inpracî f vs. many hauebeen whippedafterwards in their nakedconfidences, and the'Lordbatheuete pearcedthemintheirfecretdowels. ro. Somearetroubled for theirpriuatepride,andthis isagoodpreparatiuetoreceiueChrfl. Somefor doingmoreinfhiew then intrueth,abufing theirknowledge,in that theymakeitbut a maske to iugglein,ancdforthat theymake but their ofelions tofight with their owne iudgement. Some righteous men are troubled when they offendnot (for they aretheir (nonegreateflaccufers)for f meficret corruptions inothermatters :lb that there is nothingmore difficult, then tofearch our hearts to the bottomeforfinnespall andprefent,farprittiepride, hidden wants,andfieret corruptions. rr.7hatwemullcarefully auoide toofirttpulotaafeare,aswellas carnall fecuritie. If the diuellfindevs voideofallfeáre, heethinkes hisaffáults muflbe(lronger,becaufeourrefi- flancers theweaker:but ifheefmdeinvsa cowardlyflareandfaintingofbeart,befarewe firikeonefiroke againfl him, he will fuddenlyflab vs to theheart,andmakefpoyleofv;. ra. Ifwefeethegodlyaff'iaedintheirconfïiences,eitherbefore oronthefuesofdeath,we may not conclude therefore they are hypocrites,orgreatfanners before-God: for that the Lordmay aswell make trialloftheirfälth,astakepunifhmentsoftheirfnner,aswefeeon Iobandothers :for (faithhe) if fuchafflic7ion comeprincipallyforfnne, then thegreá- teflfnnersihouldhaue thegreat f afflic7ions. t3. When anyfball come to the cureof Pules af icled,theymuflnotbeginwithwordsofcompa ftiononely; God ismercifull,&c. butfr withagentlefiarchingoftheirfores ,labouriug to draw out ofthemtheconfefion of(omefpeciallandficretfinnes. ¡4. eilll grief are either confi fd ordiflinól,arfng ofknowneor vnknowne caufis. Thefpirituall Phifitionmuff wifely confider ofthe origi- nall oftheeuill,whether it beinfaule orbodie, or both for this Cain beewarneth;thatin this diflemper,thePhifstionscounfell henewerfuered,nor thegodlyminfers labour neg- leíled. rs. Theperfons min f fng in this afflitlion mull bemen learned,of found fudge. ment,wife,andofgoodexperience,meeke,and ofmo(flaming f irits. I counfellthee(faith he) ifthoucanfd not cometo theparticularfight offinne in and by thyfilfe, vfe thebelpe ofuch men,vntowhom thoumull offerfreely thineheart to beegagedandParched, and the wholecourfi ofthy lifetobe examinedby thebrightfhining glaffeofthelawofGod. r6. t../1 certainetaufe or knownefinne is eitheralreadie committed, andnot repented:or afinne not committed, but whereuntowee be tempted. Iftroubles comeforfimefeciall Annecommitted,fay thugs: Doth thisonefinnefo difpleafe thee? and defirue'thus tobe punifhed andfarremore grieuouflyfor this one:? howgreat thenfhould mypunifhment be,ifthoufhiould f födeale with mefor allmyotherfinnes?Iftheheart be terrified with feare ofthecometfionof firm,far temptations andmotionsvntofinne':wee arenotfie much tod f utewithour motions,as torefill thanflrongly by indant and extraordinario watchfulnesin prayer. 57. Ifthou labour f in this due examination ofthyflfe ,thou fhalt intimebe able to dfouertheveines ,bodie,age,andflrengthofmanytemptations in others, byan holy experience which Godbath taught thee,thouRuhfie intomensficret corruptions,andbeadle tobegetan infpeakable joyinothers,who maybetemmptedett thou art,