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Dedicatorie. art,orhaff been, rg . tAgaine,whenmen receedein this cure, theymuß remember two f eciallgrounds : frfi,to labour thatthe affiíledmay beeperfwadedtheirfinnes are par- donable,and their f res curable. Secondly,that their vi fitation isnotfa muchafgne of Godswrathandanger,as afaareofhis mercieandfauour: for that it is, not blinde and barren,but like to beplentifull in goodeffetís,andfruitful! ingodly iEues. rg. vllbeit famein thiscure, ruppregethe Lawandapplie theGo/pellonely : yet If e net,but that there muff beatandfarrowforfn,befrethepardonoffn bePaled, and menmuff know and acknowledge themfelues ficke, before theyfeeke thePh f tion :yet hereiswifedome requi- red,neithertoprep ethe confciene toofeuerely,nor toreleafe it toovnaduifedly. 20. Lafi- ly,inapplying the law toforcepertns afflicîed,he warnethvswifely to obferue,frrll, whe- thee welpeaketoman orwoman,for that wee mayvrge the lawmorefíritily to thematt as being t eflronger. Secondly,whether theyhaue knowledge or no :for theignorantin this cafe,thinkesneuer, anyfo tempted,andSathanperfwades him thatbathknowledge,that he bath finned againfl theholy..Ghofl. Thirdly, whetherflrongorweake, moreorlewoun- dedfor theirfinne. Fourthly, whether by nature they are morefearefullandmelancho- like. Fiftly,whether it beáfgue ofinfirmitie,orofcuilome. Sixtly,confiderwell theper- fins age,erlateandconditionoflift : for temptationsandafflic`lionsdoe varie according toallthefe. Andyet remember wellhow there he many (ofwhat conditionfx,andknow- ledgeeuer they are) whichbe more troubledfor the vexation oftheirminciedirlempe- red,thenfor the vilenes andhorriblenes oftheir bunscommitted asfearing fimeout- wardfbarne,rather then humbledfortheir inwardftnne. Seuenthly, thetime is to beob- ferued: tobe moremilde in the burningagueoftheirflts,but morefharpe in admonition intheir intermfionandrefi. Lightlyand laflly, tobearepatiently the impátiencieoftbe ficke : remembring alwaies the words ofGods bledfpirit: Awounded fpirit who canbéaret And thusfarce concerning the principali contentsand rules of the firft Treatife. Thefecond is of the veryfameargument : and here hee commendeth thefe holieobferuations following : Firfl he willeth vs,inofBillionsnotfo much tofallen oureyes upon them,as upon the endwhichis moflfweeteandcomfortable. 2. That the Lordfhackleth vs the more withthechaine ofhis chahiifements, becaufe wee aremore carefulltobevnburthenedofour afflicîidns,thentobefreedfron: ourfinites. 3. flowthe godlyfhouldreioyce in theirgodlyforrowforfinne,for that it is an earnefloftheirrege- neration. Andthat they takeheedeto di!quiet themfelues, becaufe theç are perlered with wickedmotions ,fufitions, delafions,vainephantafes andimaginations : forthattheho- dieof f nnewill euerfendforthforcefdthiefroth, which is not onely (faithbe) deterlable to the minde regenerate, but altowould make abalhed the verynaturali man and vnbe- leeuer, ifhee couldfie into thatfea of Panne andPinke-holeofiniquitie. g. Though wee finde inour flues manifold infirmities : thoughwe know not whetherweeflriuefor feare ofpunifhment, orfor loue offgood afather yet ifweefeele this inour[clues that wee wouldfaine loue the Lord, andbe better,and being wearied and tired with ourfinnes, long gladly to enioy thepeace ofrighteoufnefië, and delire topleatGodin afimpleobe- dienceoffaith : then let vs becomforted, there is no time too late torepent in. i. Ifany fay hisfaith isweake andcold,andmy confcience is-as aburningfurnace,lfeare theLord willpurfue me with his wrath. lanfwere,thoueloeil well to feare: but fiveandfin not. Forthatflarewhichfubdueth thefecuritie oftheflefh is in all moll requifite: butfight ester againflthatfeare whichhindereth thecertaintieof f ith,forthat willincourageour enemie morefiercely to ft upon vs. 6. Hefaith, that fmeare vtterlyignorantof theal:. fliílions i