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Dedicatorie. prefidentsfit before vs Mbelie Scripture, they likewifc recommend it in their prallife. 3.7he holy law in11itteting the fame punifhmentfor thepollutionofparties controlled whichit cloth vpan adulterers,argueth acontrail tobe afpeciallprom f greatly refelied ofGod. In thenextplace heJbeweth,that a eontrie? isapreparation oftheparties contrar lled,byprayerandin/lrullion,toprefentthemfeluesfor mariagein afiieciall timeappoin- tedpublikely beforeGod and his congregation. Laflly,hee giueth the parties contracted manyholyinhiruclionsand exhortations,allgroundedupon the articles offaith and the decalogue. Thus farre the contract ì anargument greatlydefired (I am wellaflù- red) ofmany,becaufe fo fewinourage haue writtenofit. Now the fixtpart followeth,and that is a very large and learned treatife of theSabboth : the principali contents whereof (asbriefly as I could contract them) I haue difpofedin thisorder : Fir 11 hefhieweth the necefitie ofthis argument f em the inconvenience ofbreáking, and the commodities and blef{ngs ofkeeping the fame. r. Inconueniencesaremanyfitdown, inrefeliof thewickedandvnbeieeuers, as alp the truebeleeuers intheChurchofGod, whichmouemany fcruples concerningit, for that theyarenot throughlytaught norperfwadedofit. Thecommoditiesandfruites alfa whichfollowtheright vnder(IandingandobferuationoftheSabbatharemanyandgreat: forthat thisday is theLords market day, wherein he hies open themanifoldgracesofhis belie/pint. 2. Themethodofhandlingthis argumentmay be thus: r.ilffirrnatiue.? i.This Commandement la and (Thereflnotlb. z.Negatiue. rr.Fromthe end,inthe word, Remember. 1 z.From the authoritieof the law_giuer: Thefeuenth day is the z.Tbe reafonsfor I Sabboth ofthe Lord. confirmation :1 3 .From the equitieofit : Sixe daies thou fhaltworke. 4.Fromproportionofthe Lordsowneexample in thecreation : For in L fixedaies,&c. A f ft reafòn maybecouchedvnder all:from thetime ofthe firfl inhlitution ; ifbefore the lawit was fa eftctuall to keepeoutfnne, then much more needfullnow, to recouer vs fromfinne ,and tokeepevs beingrecoaered. 3. Generallypeenoteth how this commaundementisfar words larger,andforreaföns fuller thenanyothercommaundement : becaupmen will neither in realnp [boneadmit it,nor in affeelion befo readie to embrace andpraliifé it. For thusbath bee done with all the r f ofthe Commaundements , which fide leafl entertainment and loue among men. 4. ThisCommandement alonebath apreface inthe wordRemember : where roebe taught in thisfall reafon,that ifweelefäre to knowand to obey God according to the frfl andfecondtables,remember this lawfet (as itwere) between both. Secondly,that this law wasgiven before, andalwaies prallifid in the ChurchofGod, Exod. r 6. before thepro- mulgation inSinm. Whereforeit isnot ceremoniall,as fôme phantaflicallyhaue conceived. He addeth manyrealns, this ffieciallargument isone. Thefrrfl end is theprincipall,fan- ílfe theSabbathwas thefrrfl end,and it litheprincipal. s. Thefcond reafän isfrom the equitieofthelaw, that the Lordgrantingvsfreely fxedaies to trauell and to merchandize forourfelues, weefhould notprfume to inter- meddle or inuade theLords owneday referuedfor himfêlfe. vendhere again M (againfl