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I22 TheEpiale (againfi the aduerfries) hefaith,ifthe( Commandements beceremoniall, then theper- mfionoffxedaiesfor workea f isbutofihefamenature. 6. The third reafon is takenom the authoritieofthe lawgiuer, The Sabboth theLord : beceufeit mufibew o yfyéntvpon 'theLord,orinattendmgandwaiting on him. Ifthe leveeshadneedeofthiswholedayfortheirinliruilion,&yc.then hatee we neede a wellas they,that beingfreedfrom the manifolddifira/'ionsofour callings,wemight wholYgiue ourfelues tothe worfhip afGodcommandedin theGofßell. 7. Thefiurthand lafi really; isdrawnefrom theproportionofGods owneexample,In fixedales Godmade,&c. whereheefheweththat Godbathpromifed a f eciallbleeing to thisdayin thetruefanaificationofit. S. After allthis hemeeteswithvery fpeciallobieélions, which are brought byaduerfa_ riestopreiudicethedotllrineoftheSabbath, again( the morallobferuationofit. vend hereto knowwhat is morallyandceremonially commanded inthe oldTefiament, heegi- r kereafon teeth vs this f eciall rule, when a thing is vrged to thelewes, andbathapeculiar renters Gketaro. madeproperly to the Lew, thenas itbegun with theLewes, it ceafedwith the Lewes: boot when thereafnofthe thingvrgedisnot peculiarto the lewes, but a f belongeth to the Chr f ians,then thethingcommandediscommon toLewand Gentile. .t. TheGentiles by the light ofnaturecan no morefee thetrueSabboth ofthe Lord, then the pure means andmannerwhich theLordhash appointedforhisworfhip. The morali lawandthe naturall law dr :for albeit themorali lawbe theexplaining ofthe naturali law,yet it Bothnotfollow, that thatwhich is in themorali law, is nomore then that whichisin thelawofnature. ro. Hauing(hewedthemorall vfe ofthe Sabbath to concerne theGentilesas mega Iewes,andanfweredall obieSíionsto thecontrarie. In thenext placebee teacheth the ob. feruatian ofit : how istobekept andhow itisbroken:what arethe publiké exercifes of theSabboth : withwhatcareandcoiencewefhouldprepareoarfeinestomeetetheLord onthe Sabboth : how we mullattendvponhim,for thetimeprefentin thecongregation s and lafily, what our private exercifes muff bee after our departure fromthepublikeaF femblie. rr. lit thefecoedpart or negatiue,hefheweth vs in this lawwhat workesareforbid den: and them all bee referrethto thefë two heads:Firfi, all.workes°four ordinariecat sasaangew üks', ling.Secondly,alllawfullrecreations.Concerningthefirftkind,be theymorevfuall or1e andfeeblike, vfuall,noque ionwould bee made,ifmenwere aswife toferue God indiuiding the times malt reft an andféafônsfor theeafëments oftheirbodies, andrefre/hiingtheir f Meson theSabboth,as the sabLotb' they bepalitikefor the increafe oftheir worldly f bffance. c.ündasconcerning lawffd recreation on theSabbath day : Iflabour beforkddeninfeede time and haruef, much moreplefure alltheyeere long. ifthingsmoreneedfullforthepreferuationoflife, to the glorieofGod bedifdowed ;thenaffredy,thefeleffeneedful, cannotbeallowed. Again, (faith he) thezeale ofworldlingsmayfhagse vs in ourfecuritie:farlb long a anypro. fiedropson theon,eheygioie noplace topleafure. Behold the policie and paintInesofthe worldmayteachvswhatweoughttodoefforour jules. And thus farreofthecompen- dious fummeofthe treatifeoftheSabboth. Of this argument I found three ee- rie good copies: after due examination and conference had, I haueherepub- lifhedthe beftin my iudgement, bothfor matter and forme,in the heft manner thatI can. This workebathbeen in many hands for manyyeeres, and hathgi- uen light-tofome, andI truftfhall giue further occáGon to others to trauaile yet more herein for the goodofpolleritie. And whereas fomany inall Churches in..