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124 TheEpilile &c. R. Theeightrule orpropertie isprayerandthankef iuing.With this hemils vsto begin, tocontinue,and toendthiswhole work. Likeas we hauenotitle tomeateanddrinke with- outprayer :% (faithhe) they beimpudent that doetouchGods bookewithoutprayer. And herehe requires a/ afpirituall thankefgiuing :for (faithhe) if thisbe needfullfor cor- porallfonde,howmuch moreforfpirituall, be thankfuhfor any light andfor euerygood motion which proceedethfromGodsfpirit ?And thus farrethe compendious fumme ofall thefe treatifes. Now(RightWorihipfull)thisholy worke I recommendto your protehion: firft,becaufe I knewnotany in heart more affected towards that reuerend man Matter R. Greenharn,who was the authorof themall. Againe, this worke inpart appertainesto oneof yourWorthips by a formerdedication. And therefore I am themorebold to recommendit thusamplifiedand inlarged vntoyouboth. And the rather,for thatGods good fpirit hauing foknit your hearts toge- ther inthe holie faithofChrift,I may not doubt, but that this and . the likebleffingsproceeding from thefame fpirit, mull delight yourfpirits,and findegrace and acceptation withyou. I hauemuch prefumed onyour Chriftianpatience: Icommend you with all yours to the tui- tion ofthe Almightie. vfnnoDom.rJÇ9. Apra.;o. Yours tovleinlefusOrin: HBNRY HOLLAND.