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THE FIRST TREATISE FOR AN AFFLICTED CON- SCIENCE, VPON THIS SCRIPTVRE. Prouerbs 18.14. Thefiritofa man will fuffaine his infirmitiesbut a woundedfpiritwho can bearert ? His Scripture is not onely worthie tobe grauen in fteele withthe pen ofan Adamant, andtobewritten in letters ofgold :,butabo tobe layd vp and regiftredbythe finger of Gods Ipirit in the ta- blesof ourhearts. Which fentence briefly foeaketh thus much veto vs, that what trouble befalleth a man (his minds beingvii- appalled) hewill indifferently beare itorit: but ifthrfpintofa mar be oncetroubled anddifinayed, he cannottell how tobe de- littered, And no marueile : for ifthe minde of manbe thefoun- raine ofconfolation, whichminíftreth comfortvoto him in ail o- ther troubles ; ifthat become comfórtleffe, what l hall comfortit? If it bevoyde ofhelp; The mindcog howIhaliit behelped? If theeye winch is the light of thebody bedarkenefl, howgreat is aoro,tc,v hat g rat darkeneffe? If the faitwinch fauourethall thingsbe vnfauourie, for what is it good? ácomforr If themindewhich fuftaineth all troubles be troubled, how intolerable is that trouble ? To Thew this the better,l will firft declarehow great apunifhment ofGod this woundofcon- fcience is:Secondly,I will teach how this trouble ofmrndemaybe preuentedand auoyded. Tarts to be Laftly, "I will let donne how Gods children falling infome rearure into thisaffliitìon of confelered. fpirit,may berecoueredout of it. For the firlt, thegrieuoufneffe ofhis maladie is feene, either by fome dueconfideration ofthe perfons thatbane felt it : or by fomewifecomparrfon made betweenc this griefeof minde,and mher outwardgriefesincident voto man. Theperfons in whomwe may confiderthis wound offpirit, are eithermeerelynaturall men, orfischasberented bythefpiritofGod. The menmeerelynaturallare either the norms of Heathen,fuch as neuerknewGod inChrift,orcurtail profeffors,fuchas liaisenot profelfed itEied in Chrtftianitie aright. Ifwe looke among the Heathen, howmany ofthem hatewillingly minde: gonevnder pouerty andhauebeen content to vnburthen themfelues of allworldly tree- lures ? How fome oftliem(whileft their mindes werenotdeiecbed) haue fuffered imprifon- ment,exile,andextéeame tortures ofbody,rather then theywould betray their countries? How manyofthem liaisedeuoured many iniuries,and borne outward troubles,with fome cafe and with no refittance,whilefttheir mindswere at libertie?And yet lookenotintothe nieaneft, but thebatand molt excellent men among them, even their wifePhilofophers, -fweete Orators,and exquiftePoets ; who in bearing and forbearing thought the chiefeft The cosrage point of verrue to confab; and ye(hall fee, when once fotne great diftrefleof 'Modedid ofhearheor wound them, fonie would make an end of it by.preparinga cupofdeadly poyfon : fome nor ;tcre ! M 3 would onponder, I2