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I50 Themarks of andFamilyof loue inall theirworkes-, becaufe they do them , that therebytheymay be righteous. Wiser iuftification was given to workes, then men would buildChurches, Abbeies, Sic. and thefethings weregreatly praifèd of men : but now,when goodworkes are commanded, not tomerit by, but for Gods glory , asto be fignesand fealesof righte- oufneffe,feware brought todo them, which is a ligne that there arebut a few righteous men vpon earth. This rule allo bathhis exceptions, for we (hall feemuch rebellion in our flefh, and by- pocrifle withal( : but wenull note what is our chiefeltdrift ,andwhatbeareth thechiefeft fway within vs, and of, that shallwe benamed, as is thevfein other things, asto bentthii orthat complexion, becaufe that orthis is the principal(, and it is called leauened bread, though waterbe mixe with it: fo that ifour confciencesdo witne(fe withvs thatour chiefe caressro pleafeGod,then is our heartvprigln withGod,though hypocrite be ioynedwith Note. it. For it is one thing todo a thingfor hypocrifie,and another thingmixt with hypocrifie: onething for vaineglorie,and anotherthingmixt with vaineglorie. Ifwe could feeno. our (clues,yet herein mull wenot iuflifie our felues : andwhen we fee infirmities ioynedwith our (peciallcare,we mutt haue care toleaue them,andftriue thereunto,fo that Roma. tveyeeldnotourfHluestothem,but rather they leadevsaway captiues, andwhenfòeuer 2.Cor4i.7. we lee them, to behold Satan in them , and thereforehate them , and though theybuffet vs, yetRill pray, and armeour felues again(( them, as Pauldid. The thirdnote is, that weneuer content ourfelues inour felues, nor in the thinges that we hauedone, but 1 i11 goe forward toleaue finne, and draw neere toGod. And this may Prou.4,18, beferne inAbra&m, and is letdownt in the Prouerbes. And Paul faith ,Asmanyarare PI>iLi t. perfefl are thusminded. Here then are difclofedthofethac eitherflay in thebeginnings, or Heb.6 elle hidebacke when they aregonefomewhat forward. For if vee haue tailed once of the good graceof God,and then turne backe from it, it is impoflible to be renuedby repen- tance, whereof thereare twocaufes : firf,becaufe theyare alwayes learning and neuer the better, Efais8.where theProphetrcbuketh,laying : Lineupon line, andprecept caponprecept. Secondly, becaufethat if they attaine to knowledge: yetdoe they not build themlèlues thereupon to keepe a goodconfcience:andthus experience teachech in thofethat become fiCaiahs8. heretikes. This is fofearefull to the godly, that they hadrather fall into all themiferies of lob than intothis Apoltafie. We muff then goeon fti11, giuingGodpraik that wee haue done fomething, and not fomuchto be puffed vpthereby, asforrowfull that we haue notdone fomuch aswe ought,fothat welooke vpon our finstohumble vs,and vponfthat good which theLordhath wroughtin vs,to be thankful. But yet fometimes the children ofGod lee they goenot forward,but asit were linger, yea theyfonretimes fall intogroffe fins : forthe firlt, if weflriue not againft it, millike notour felues for it, nor mournebe- caufe it is fowith vs, we are in dangerthat the Lord will barre vs out. And if her punilh Reuel. ;. thofethatgonotforward thus,whatfhallbetothofe that fall backe? Butif wemillikeour Ifas'''s' felues for our and mourne a ainftthetnwema takefoundcomfortthere- Heb.;.r4, g 8 y Phd.3, in. And forthe fecond, the Lord turned)thefalsof his children to theirfattergoingfor- Gad,children ward and growing vp ferio they feetheir corruption more, wherewith being humbled, femetlmeslis- (though it be a very fearefulithing for Chriftians to fallinto any grope fine) they file fa- ger,rather Peer vnto Chrilt. And a aine their fall waketh their more waree and alío to,runnefor- ahcngoefar- g mnrd. : wardthefalter,as theythatrunne in a race, or trauell inaiourney, beinglettedeither by fall or by companie , doe afterward makemore fpeede leaft thatthey fhould not obtame Pfahn5, their purpofe. Dauidafter hisfaibroughtto fee his originalcorruption, and craned more earnelhly forthe fpirit-to berenued in him. The children of God thenfall, but the Lord Pia reueaiech it andthey rifeagaine :thut thehypocrites and wicked continue ftill, and got Pfatrs.ât6. fromauilltowork,becaufèfaluation is giuen tonone but tothofethat loue it. Howto far<é¡a- Thefourth noteis, that weloue righteous men,and righteous things, as, well in others per:oars,e- as inour felues. Righteous men, that is,eitherfiicharare afore Vs, ourequali, orinferi- quatr,istfe- ours. Wee muff loue them that are afore vs, that wemay follow them, and be like veto mars. them,and not to picare our(clues inoar felues, and thereforemuff webedefirous to keepe their companie, whetherthey be preachers orprofeffors:for thofc that lout learning,will delight