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arighteour man. delight in thecompanyof thole that are learned : and ifwe louegoodmen becaufe they arefo, it is a good figne we doemuch more bueGod who is goodneffe re felfe ; as if the fa- ther loue thefchoolemafàerfor the bones fake,it is a lignehe lotted' his fonne much more. And ifthis befo, it will reftraine vs that we neither enuy,noryet defpifethe gifts we lée in others : but rather giucGod the glorie for them,and feeke toprofit by them: contrarieto all this is the vnrighteous and vaine gloriousman. Thatwe mighttherather doe this,Chrift bathprowifeda reward, He that receiuetha . Prophet, &c. Yeawefee that worldly menhauebeenblef fedforthegodhesfake,asLaban for Iacab, Putipbarfor Iofepi), andNabtschadste gear for Daniels fake : -much more are the godly blefl d, as Abraham and Lot receivedAngtels in fhapeofinenihad the plague revea- ledto them and efcaped.So EbedMelechandBartsch had their life for pray,hecaare ofJe- remiah theProphet : fodid the Shunamitifhwoman receivefingularblcflings forentertai- ningEliah.Contrariwife,the man that heareth notinftruaion, nor loueth righteous men, but contemned] his betters,ishigh in his owneeyes,he bath no righteoufneflein him. This bathalfoapuvifhmeist,ashatisbeen feenevpon thelewes, who killed the Prophets, but theirchildren banebudded theirfepulchers : fo wecanthinke well ofmany when they are gone,but when they areprefentwith vs,and wemight receiue fotneprofit by them,wecan- notdigeft them. But wemuff thinke better of othersthenofour felues,yct approurng our a.Cor.ç. felues bothto God and toothersalto, as Paul loth. Wemuff loue our equals, both to confirme them, and by them to be confirmed our Rom.! 1.14. felues. Thetruc Ienfiblefeelingofourowne wants will mouevs to this dutte, that-weray lude the like of them. We muff loueour inferiours,to initruStthem;and drawthemforward. Andbecaufeour callingswill not (offer vs todoethisto all, wemutt fiat begin with them that are neereft vs,as fathers,their wivesand children;malters,tlieir feruants;princes,their lubtefts. Thus did Abraham teach his familie, otlrerwilehecould not haue looked forthe performance of Gen. ¢. thecovenant, whereofoneend was this, that he fhouId teach hisfanlike. This belonged' to vsand all Chriftians, who beingrighteous hauethe coaenant Made to them and their (cede: and thereforemuttthey betaught and inttruaed, that theymay kcepeGodsordi- nances andobferuehis lawes. The finali praftife of this (hewed', thatfew men haue the warrant offaluationinthemfelues. Tins loue goods further abroad toctlsers, as to kusf. Match.z;. . ',folkes: forthewicked takegreatpaines to makemany like thernfelues, which may be a Ism.;. Blaine to Chriltians,ifthey ítriue not daily towhine fome.Andthat we may doethis there is areward: He that couerethfinnes,fhallfhineastheflarres. But if he be condemned that Matth.açc fpilleth the bodie,and (offered'theveryAlle to fall;how much more thall he be thatloueth Mauh.ç. aJoule. We mutt loneall righteous things in others as in ourfettles. Wemuff take vnrigh- Pfalm teousmen, and feparateour felues fromthem:but this mutt be in refpebt oftheir Gnnes aPer a. andcorruption,wherebyGod is difhonored: not in refpebtoftheirperfon whichGod hath Ezechiel.g.4* made,which after thisfort may be tried.Ifwe doenot bruiteabroad theirfaults, but awn Pfalm.trgç.d mournefor them, and theirfaluation. So didLot mourne,and rhofearemarked out which Mark;. wept for the iniquitieofthe time,andwerepreferued. In refpebt of Godsglorie tobe an- Rom.: s. grie,butinrefpebtof men to lainent : this is a truezeale. And fo Chrif's was angrre, anel l'f?Im69. wept ouer Ierufalem.Yetheremutt be tonfdered,themanner ofoffending:for fome finne lerem.ra, of malice, and tomefunk of infirmitie. Thus muff wehate all vnrighteous things, andmournfor them,and not onlyfor them,butalloforthe abufe oftilol'ethings which in their ownenature arelaw(ull. O q. SWEET