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A treati%of the Sabboth. 159 Theinconueniences arepartly to be òbferued in thewicked, and partly tobe noted in The ineonut- thechildrenofGod. In thewicked whoeither arefeduced by Falkdoarine, or elfewhich mencer aad arecareleffeoftruedoarine. Theythataredeceivedbyfall ereligion,beeitherPapiftsonkeÁp e50f theone tide,theFnniliesof loue with filch like heretikes on the other fide: whereof the breakingthe one, that is the Papifts,make the Sabbothday but an ordinance, and ceremonie ofthe Sabboth. Church,and therefore obferue it, but as'a thing takenvp and reteinedby theChurch of Rome : as alto they doe many otherholy daies in the yeere. The other feeingno furtherin- p°gfb sot- to it,than as it is anordinance and ceremonie,and thinking it to containe nothing trio- beth. rail, crie outagainftit, aswillingtohave it wholyabrogated, (icing all ceremonies haue had theirend in Chrift: alleadging, though nothing to the purpofe, that Godis a fpirit, and willbe worflíipped in fpirítand in truth: and thereforethe obferuationofa day is no- thingauaileable tohis worfhip.Againe,what credit ithath inthem that arecareleflè ofre- ligion,all menmayfee. Tufh (fay theft men)theSabboth is too Iecvifh and fullof fuper-.. lotion : and thereforeveto them It is all one withother common holie daim,fauing that peraduenturethey liad rather haue it, than wantit -; not for any loue ofreligion, but for eating oftheir flefh,and themore inglutting themfelues withcarnallpleafure:bymeans whereof they make it a dayof theworld, not a day of the Church ; a time ratherdedica- Hcameepro- tedto thepamperingacheflefh,than fncerely confecrated to thebuildingvp ofthe foule:phone theSah- and fpirie.Inthe children ofGodotherwife wellinftruaed,hauealfó arifen many (Maples both. concerningthis matter,howit is ceremonious,&howit is not : whichkindeofinen keepe theSabboth not asgrofe heretikes,and yet notas careful( obferuers, by reafon that they arenot throughlytaught init,nor fully perfwaded ofit. Wherefore wemayfee howneed- fullthisdoctrine is,yea althoughweehad no careof them,thatare not in the Church; yet inrefpeaofthem of whomwehaue molt care,being in the Churchof God with vs. And this neceffitiewe (hall alto obferue, if intruth wemarke the feuerall commodities,whicls proceede from the rightenderftanding hereof. For feeing the Sabbothday is the lchoole The Sabbath day,the faire day,themarket day,thefeedingday ofthe foule,whenmen purely knowing ehe.rhrds mar- the vfe ofit,feparate it wholyfrom other daies,they (hall fee how they may recouerthem- ket day felues from fumes alreadie paft,arme themfelues againftfin to come,grow in knowledge, loe thatkea ìncreafe in faith,and howmuch they lhall be ltrengthened in the innerman. Wherefore b tb,lteepeth in the bookeofGod, when the Lord will vrge the obferuationofthe whole law, peeoften tinwhole law. loth itender this oneWord ofbeeping the Sabboth. Againe,when theProphets fharply re- buke the people for their finnes,they particularly lay before them, how theSabbaths of the Lordarebroken. And tofpeake the truth,how can a man lie longin the liking of fin, whoembraceth thisdoarine incontcience,who willingly would haue his Ganes difcoue- red,hisconfciencevnripped,the iudgementsofGodagainit his fines threatned,whereby hemight cometo a loathing,andgrow to afurther null iking ofhis Gnnesdaily ? Sure it is índeede,thatasin othertim s, fosnthis,theceremoniallvielittleauaileth.Homebet,iffor the ceremouiall vfe ofthe Sabboch,becaufe many fo vie it,thereforewe fhould leave it,we mightaswell by the fame reafonput out of the doores of the Churchthe adminiftration of theSacramenes,the making ofprayer,chepreachingofthe word, becaufe the molt part ofmen vfethefe things for afafhion : neither is it the queftion which wee haue in hand, what men doe,but what theyought todoe in theobferuation of the Sabboth. In the fet- ting downe whereof,this order dothoffer it felfe to bee obferued: frft to fpeake of the e coinmandementitfelfe ,and thenofthereafonsthereof. The commandementasivefee ,is The mirror deliveredboth afñrmatiuelyand negatively,whereas all other the commandements are fittingdowroe but either affrmatiuel orne atiuel ex refled :fothatwhereitisfaid the Sabbath toed°vrineof Yo g Y P .Y the Sabboth. kèepe holie,cheholie efeoftheSabboth is flatlyand ftreightly vrged : where it isadded, in it those faare not doe arse w°rke, the irreligious breach of the fame is plainly reftrained. a Thereafonsbein numberfoure. Thefielt is included inthe word remember,and is draarne from the end, which is thus much ineffea: Wilt thouworfbipmepurely, and loue thy neighbour vnfainedly? then obferue this one thing, which I haue therefore placed in-. dttf rendue betweene thofe commaundements which concerne mine owne honour, and the eon£ort of thy brethren. The fecund reafon isderitted from the authoritie of a P a the