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ig8 Thenhe prayed. Iudg.i4.21. s.Saa1.1;.13. eitreatifeofthe Sabboth, teachyou in thefethings,andenable you tofurther dutiesagreeabletohis holywill,to the glorie ofhis name,and your euerlattingcomfort. O Lord Goddearefather,for thywelbeloued fonne ourSauiours fake,makevs thank.. fullfor chis thy graciousprouidencetowardsvs. OhLord forgiueall our fins, and keeps vs pure both infouleandbodie : for thineowne name fakewrite thefe inftruEtions in our hearts,andgiue vs grace to make praelifeof them inthe wholecourfe of ourhues :guide vs in allthings dearefather bythe graceof thygood fpirit, and let the mercifulleye ofthy fatherly prouidence watch ouer vs continually,that weemaybe comforted in thywayes, and quickened alwaies to giue thee immortall praife,and that through thydearefonne le- fus Chritt,our Lordandonely Sauiour,Amen. After the exhortation and prayer,heeasked theparties tobe contraóìed thefetwo que- flions a. Oftheir confentof parents. After theiranfwereof their parents confenttomake a faithfull promifeofmariage one to another,atfuch time as theirparents couldagree vpon it, theywere charged tokeepe themfelues chati,vntill the mariage bee fan&lified bythepubltke prayers of theChurch: for otherwife many mariages haue been punifhed of the Lord for the vncleannes that bath beencommitted betwixt thecontraEt and themariage. z. Whether theywere euerprecontradted? Then lice charged them, laying: I charge you, as by authoritie from Iefus Chrift, in whom youlooke to befaued, thathauing the confent ofyour parents,and receiued thel precepts,that(I fay)yelabour togrow in knowledge,and inthe feare ofGod. And now as in the fightof God (without allEach leuitie asofothers is vied) youmutt make beforethe Lord acontra&l,which is farremore than a promife : and that on this manner their hands being ioyned. I.R. doepromife to theeF. that I willbe thine husband, whichIwill con- irmebypublikemariage,inpledgewhereof I giuethee mine hand. In like manner Both the woman to the man.Thenafterprayer theparties are ddmiffed. FINIS. A TREATISE OF THE SABBOTH. IT is written, Remember the Sabbothday tokeepeit halie,&c. Dearely beloued in the Lord,thereis no commandement ofGodspart !morevrged, and ofour parts leffeobferued, than this oneof the Sab- both : wherefore with zealeto Gods glorie, and loue vnfained vnto your fclues, I haueendeuourcd in thatmeafure and manner that God bath inabled metointreate ofthisargument.The neeelfarieviewhere. of wee !hall more plainly perceiue,if wee doe wifelyconfider either the lamentable inconueniences which accompanie the want of the pure vnderftan- ding thereof: or the manifolde commodities, which enfue the right embracing ofthe fie. The