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e/1 treadleofthe Sabboth. 16i and Co wringour f`l ties out ofthe precinas ofthe fame. Yet morecuidently doth this ap- pc arein all the contrnandemeuts ofche first table, becaufe they arc morecontrarie tothe judgement ofman meerely naturall,although he beotherwife never fowife,and theword of-trued, muff onely trie them : forin the first commandment, the rcafon is prefixed ; án the !cond,tIjiid, and fourth commandeinents, the reafons areannexed. But here may ante thisquenion,to cvit,why the fcondand fourth precepts, are fo amplified inwords, and ttrengtheñed with more reafons, than any of theother ? Surely herein theLord de-. elareth,how hce plainly fo relaw, howamong therellthelè two commaundemen es would finde lead intertaimnent,and:nod be raided. But what frail we fay ofthe Papists, Fa- mihfts,andHercul es among vs in there dales: and of othermen altootherwüeóf found °m1Perfp átulgeinent which aílirne chat as well the fecondas the heft coaunándement is ceremo -f c{emeershatte niai1 :wliercofthe one would bring into the Church Images , the other propianenes? reaforua - WhereforetheLordinhiswifedomeforefecingthefccauillingwies, preuenteth their pm_ - eae<l,od poles : f ochat if either theyyeeld ciot,or make refinance to die truth fomanifest, they op- franc sore. pofe thetnfelncs to theknowne and open trueth, and fo make themlèlues themore mex- cufable.Wc fee toacknowledge that there is aGod,to honour fatherandmother, to ab- ttainefrombiood,nót to defile our fiefh,not wrongfully tooppreflè,not co bea notorious !launderer; entry Papidandnaturall man guided but by the light of realòn, will eafi- lygraunt. For the wondctf llorderoftheheauens ,thecontinual!courseoftheSunne, }Aeolicand Starres,tite outgoings ofthe mornings and euenings declare there is. áGod. deafen peebvadeth howthe things in theworldmnf needes bee gouerned,and that wee owemoue 'into hiss by whore they bee guided. Nature teachcth that mcushues mull be maintained : cotninon ciuilitie abhorred)adulterie,opprellion and backbiting. But if ye askro.e thisGod is to be worfhi pped,aud what tuneswe muttfairblifie to that ofe : wee Mall feehow many countries,fo inany religions 3 howmany men, fomany (knifes. Thus wefee how necelfarie it was that theLord fhould provide for his ocvneglorie,and capti uateall mans inuentions, fecing allthefe commaondementsdoe molt fight againitthe realenof man, and by realòn phut molt been oppugned. So in the pure oblëruingof theft,conGlteththe fincerekeeping of the reft of these. For how (hallwee know how to walke in pure worfhip withanvpright heart before the Lord? howMall wee glue him the honour due veto his glorious name? how (hail wee be indru&ed rightly, and rene- reiitlyto deale with thedignicieof our brethren, faithfully with their limes, purely with their bodies,righteouily with theirgoods,or tenderlywith their credit ; but by chorewales and rules which the Lord bath orefcribed in his word ?anti when Ílrouldwee !carne thole rules,but acfuch times as he himrelfe bath appoynted and ianftificd forthat purpofe? A- gaine,wlsere there two conuuaundemenis are not rightlyvndcrnood,there true religion goeth towracke. For admit that wee fhouidnot carefully follow the word ofGod, how many religions would then dartv p? Let this beegraunted,that entryman fhould bane svhat clay he would for the worfhipofGod,and then feehow many dales men would be- flow on the Lord. But let vs come to the rcalons,whcreof the first is drawne from the end ofthe law,and ofthe rehfa;m, is partly Ggnified by this word remember, and partly by this word funtli fie, Rememberthe aed firfl ofthe Sabboth day to beepe it belie. For this word remember,which is here prefixed; is let dowse f,Il reafos. this wordobferiee,rn Deuteronomie twhereinwee are forewarned to watch the more diii- Dcuc.1.1 ç. genely,and attend adorecarefully vpon thiscommandment. Inwhich poynt wemayob- Icrue,tltac whereas all other commaundements are limply fee dowse and diretly pro- pounded,chis alonepath a preface prefixed,wlaicb is thusmuch in effebt.Wilt thoulearsse fincerely to worfhip me according to that Iñbltance, manner and end, which I halepre- fcribcd?and wiltthou tridy trie thy loue to ine,bycxercifing the duties of lone to thy brethren? then forget not tokeepe holie theSabboth,wherem I that! teach thee both irow th ouMalt walke sprightly in the worfhip due vntodie, and allo -line obediently in du- ties concerning -man. Agsine, the nature of the word impmecth thus much, chat this lawwas not only grauen in the hearts ofour forefathers,aswereall the other : bud alto in exprelle words inioynedveto Adam and Esse inParadile,and manifeftlypratifed of the P 3 Ifraelites